Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Digital Advertising Systems

Just as fluid power systems are made up of components, so too is a digital advertising system made up of digital media components,  They work together to drive brand recognition and generate leads.  The components consist of website banners, e-newsletters, e-postcards/e-blasts, digital issues, webcasts, and content products. 

In this way, digital media differs from traditional print media which stands on its own for the most part.  Digital advertising works best if it is combined into a system.  Our Hydraulics & Pneumatics website is a good starting point for building a digital advertising system designed to work for a fluid power component manufacturer.  Our website is an attractive destination point for fluid power buyers and specifiers because of the content found on the website.

Our Technology Zones contain and organize content by fluid power component groups.  So, if our web users are looking for tutorials on how components work and which is the best component of choice for their design or maintenance project, they find it here.  If they are looking for similar application experiences that have been successful, they turn to our Application Zones for case studies of how systems worked.

For a deeper dive into the technology, they have some other options, namely our Fluid Power Basics or our eBooks.  In both cases, our users can find more detailed technical explanations of fluid power components and systems.  This is where a lot of our users go for information.  These elements make our website a great place to start your digital advertising system.

Next, we offer three e-newsletters including Fluid Power Monthly, Product Source, and FasTrac.  These components are different from the website because they actively send your sales message out to our opt-in audience of subscribers.  These e-newletters work to generate traffic to your website and will generate more clicks from our subscribers who also see your banners on our website.  That is how they work together.

Our e-Postcards work with both of the above components because their job is to generate traffic to your website.  Again, if you are promoting your products on our website to increase your brand recognition, and advertising in our e-newsletters to promote your company name and generate sales leads, then the e-Postcards will be more well received when they reach our audience's inboxes.

Let's add to that our content marketing media like Basics of Design, FAQ's and custom e-books.  These products deliver custom content sponsored by the advertiser to an audience that has now been made familiar through website advertising, e-newsletter advertising, and e-Blasts.  For each content product, we do a separate custom e-Blast just to generate more traffic to the content and the sponsor.

Now you may get a better picture of how these components work together to produce a digital advertising system that will work to increase your company's sales.  Please contact me for help to design your own custom digital advertising system at or 216-931-9352.