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February Fluid Power World

Our February issue is here and it looks great.  Full of great fluid power content, delivered through a great graphics package.

Would you like a copy?  Let me know at

Invitation to a Webinar

Would you like to learn more about hose assemblies at your own convenience and for free?  If so, please click on this link and register for our very recent webinar titled Safe Hose Assembly:  Factory to Field.

It was sponsored by Tribute Inc. provider of enterprise-wide software to distributors and fabricators in the fluid power, fluid handling, hose sealing, belting, automation, motion control, and related industries.  The webinar was presented by Fluid Power World and Design World and the speakers are Jim Reilly of The United Distribution Group, GHX Industrial Group LLC; and Rick Pitman of PSC.

Deborah Mitchell, Hose Safety Institute Manager and Standards Program Manager at NAHAD is a contributor to the the webinar and the moderator is Mary Gannon of Fluid Power World and Design World.

I invite you to register and watch the webinar for free.  We would appreciate any feedback from you on the content and invite you to participate in a future webinar.

The Work Truck Show

There is more to mobile hydraulics than the industries involving vehicles that move about off the road like construction and agriculture.  On-highway mobile hydraulics makes up a significant share of mobile hydraulics.

On March 4-6, The Work Truck Show will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.  It is organized by the NTEA, The Association for the Work Truck Industry.  Click here for more details.

It takes some interesting and sophisticated hydraulic systems to make work trucks work and that is why there are so many fluid power exhibitors at this year's show.  By attending the show, engineers and technicians will get a better grasp on how technology can make work trucks more efficient.

The Green Truck Summit is an alternative fuel-neutral conference featuring technical experts, government officials, industry leaders, and more experts and it will take place at the show.  More information can be found on the same NTEA website from the above link.

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Who needs Tips?

Who needs Tips?  Probably everyone trying to improve their components, systems, machinery, and companies.  That is why we at Fluid Power World publish three Tips websites including:

Hose Assembly Tips is a great resource for specifications and explanations about hose, fittings, couplings, and all types of fluid connectors.  
Pneumatic Tips features pneumatic systems and components in their entirety including actuators, connectors, pumps, vacuum, and more.
Mobile Hydraulic Tipscovers components, systems, design, and maintenance of all kinds of mobile equipment including construction, agricultural, mining and more.
I invite you to refer to our Tips sites often for up-to-date information on your area of specialty.  Feel free to send us press releases, product reviews, and case studies to post on our sites.

February Fluid Power World

In a few days, our third issue of Fluid Power World will arrive in the mailboxes and inboxes of our subscribers.  It will feature fluid power technology cover to cover including, mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics, pneumatics, and product features.

If you are already a subscriber, you issue is on the way.  If you would like to subscribe, please go to this link and sign up today, it's free.

If you would like me to send you a copy of our February issue, please let me know at

The content way

There are many ways to reach prospective buyers for your industrial components and related products.  Of course we offer printed magazines for excellent exposure to increase brand awareness.  Banner advertising works the same way to our digital audience.

E-newsletters and e-blasts send your sales message directly to prospective new customers with your sales message either embedded or as the sole message in the e-mail message.  These are very effective ways to deliver your message to our audience.

I have written about this before but I would like to call attention again tour Tech Tip e-Books.  I would consider this method of reaching prospects is the "content way."  We use content to grab and hold the attention of our audience with delivery of your company's specific engineering solutions.

These take some time to develop but they work well.  I would like to discuss this opportunity with you more.  Please contact me.

Offshore Technology Conference OTC 2015 and Fluid Power

On May 4-7, 2015 the 2015 OTC will once again dazzle its audiences with its enormous size and the large number of innovative devices and machinery used to explore, extract, and transport oil and gas from the ground to where it is used to power our world.

The latest projections from the National Fluid Power Association NFPA call for three years of growth in Oil & Gas Extraction with a 6.7% gain expected this year.  Fluid power systems, especially high-pressure hydraulics are used in the Offshore industry.  That is why I counted over 80 companies that qualify as providers of fluid power technology as exhibitors at this year's OTC Show.

The April 2015 Issue of Fluid Power World will feature a preview of the 2015 OTC Show with a review of the fluid-power-related exhibitors.  This is one of the biggest trade shows of the year featuring fluid power components, systems, machinery, and equipment.  We will also be following the event through our social media channels.

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Knowing what to avoid

Sometimes avoiding errors is just as important as learning how to do things right.  We are fortunate to have the insights of Josh Cosford on our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website.  Here is a link to his recent post about the Top five hydraulic system errors.

I hope that you will visit MHT often for useful tips on how to best design and maintain mobile hydraulic systems.  Feel free to send us your success stories and tips on what to avoid also.

Proper hose assembly guidelines ...

... from the factory to the field.  You still have time to register for our webinar on this subject.

Click here to register

Jim Reilly of The United Distribution Group, GHX Industrial, LLC, and Rick Pitman of PSC will discuss the proper use of hydraulic hose, from fabrication and assembly to industry drivers and field usage. They will also explain NAHAD’s role in improving hose standards and what engineering personnel need to know.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about hose assembly guidelines.  Our sponsor for the webinar is Tribute Inc. provider of enterprise-wide software to distributors and fabricators in the fluid power, fluid handling, hose, sealing, belting, automation, motion control and related industries.

We will be announcing the specifics of our next webinar soon.

Turning to April

At Fluid Power World, we report on complete fluid power systems and all of the components involved to make them work.The only way to design, maintain, and operate an efficient and productive machine or vehicle is by understanding the whole system.

That is true for agricultural machinery as farmers strive to maximize the yields, they rely on equipment powered by hydraulics to get the job done.Our April issue will focus on the hydraulics of agricultural machinery.

On the in-plant side, automation machinery across many markets relies on pneumatic systems to move items with great precision and reliability.This issue will review a specific example of pneumatics on the job in automation machinery.

After a very successful launch in 2014,  begins its second year of providing engineering buyers and supply chain professionals with in-depth content on all aspects of fluid power systems.In order for them to best understand fluid power systems, a publication that covers the entire systems as well as …

Leadership in Engineering

One way to show leadership in engineering is to include as many companies who are willing to share valuable engineering information.  That is just what we did with our current 2015 Leadership in Engineering issue.  With hundreds of companies represented, this 440-page issue is a keeper.

The issue is full of great engineering content making Design World a leader in engineering.  The issue also includes many fluid power companies who have kicked off their 2015 with an ad in this record issue.  We also serve lots of fluid power content to our audience through our website Fluid Power World.
Please contact me with any questions about our 2015 Leadership in Engineering issue.