Monday, June 29, 2015

A tutorial on gauges

Here is a link to some great content about hydraulic gauges.  This can be found on  along with a lot of other great fluid power content.

Check us out frequently to stay informed on fluid power technology, the components, and applications.  We have a great editorial team including Michael Santora, who is new to our team and is the author of this content on gauges.

Attention Fluid Power Nation

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Give it a listen ...

At WTWH Media we surround the engineer with information.  We have great print, web, e-mail, and video content for our audience.  We also have podcasts to share valuable information and insights with our engineering readers.  I invite your to listen to our latest Technology Tuesdays podcast:

This program is a conversation between our Editorial Director, Paul Heney, and Jeff Herrin, VP of R&D at Danfoss Power Solutions.  These somewhat informal discussions reveal insights about the state of fluid power technology that are usually not found in more formal text or digital media.

We will continue to serve this kind of content to our audience members who can download and listen at their convenience.  I hope that you will give it a listen.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Fluid Power Handbook

What if you had a handbook that described the many components that make up a fluid power system?  What if each tutorial explained how various components work and why engineers select them?

Well, in a few days, that will happen as we publish our 2015 Fluid Power Handbook from Fluid Power World.  If you would like to receive a copy, let me know.  If you would like to subscribe to Fluid Power World so that you won't miss such important information, click here.  It will be free to all who qualify by using fluid power technology.

We still have three great issues planned for the rest of 2015, so subscribe today.  If your company makes and sells fluid power components, consider sending us your press releases and success stories for publication so that others can learn from your success.

We are very happy to be a part of the fluid power community!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

See us on Facebook

Fluid Power World has an official Facebook page and here is a link

I also have a fluid power Facebook page and here is a link to that

They are both fully dedicated to fluid power information.  In invite you to “like” both of them.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Fluid power can be fun

Learning about fluid power systems and the machinery that they power can be fun.  Here is proof

I have had the opportunity to see some really interesting systems up close.  This particular photo shows a control system for a snow plow/salt spreader.  It is more complicated that you think when you see the snow plow going down the street.

To cover the fluid power industry as an editor or even a sales representative, it really helps if you love the industry.  I am fascinated by fluid power technology and continue to learn just about every day.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Hey ... Fluid Power Companies

Let us help you to make the second half great!

From all indications, 2016 should be a continuing recovery year for fluid power.  The forecast that I heard was for positive growth for the year.  With that being said, fluid power component sellers should be gearing up for growth.

Fluid Power World can help your company get ready for expansion.  We have three great print issues and a very robust digital network, ready to find new customers and prospects for your company.

Here is what we have in store:

Offshore and Marine Applications
Sealing Innovations
Pneumatic Cylinders
Steel/Automotive Machinery
Closing Date:  July 15, 2015

Mobile Hydraulics in Construction Applications
Pneumatics in Medical Applications
Reliability in Industrial Applications
Focus on Hydraulic Motors
Closing Date:  September 15, 2015

Mobile Hydraulics in Agricultural Applications
Pneumatics in Packaging Applications
Efficiency in Industrial Hydraulics
Focus on Hydraulic Filters
Closing Date:  November 16, 2015

Use our digital network of websites and e-newsletters to reach engineering professionals with a specific interest and responsibility for fluid power components and systems.  If you have any questions, please contact me at  Let me put together an integrated advertising package that will position your company for success in the second half of this year and for 2016.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A variety of fluid power topics - in August

At Fluid Power World, we look at all aspects of fluid power systems and all of the components involved to make them work.  The best way to design, maintain, and operate an efficient and productive machine or vehicle is by understanding the whole system from tank to actuator or, in the case of pneumatic systems, from compressor to actuator.

In our August issue, we will feature four very important and relevant topics for fluid power.  First, we will feature an article on the Marine and Offshore Industry.  Our technology continues to play a vital role in the energy markets both offshore and onshore.  We will also review the contributions of hydraulics to work boats and show how and where fluid power is the best design choice.

For our component spotlight, we will take a look at fluid power seals and sealing devices.This important component is essential to keeping hydraulic and pneumatic systems as leak free as possible.  We continue to see innovation in the use of compounds and configurations to accomplish the job. 

We will further our product coverage by doing a review of pneumatic cylinders, how they function, and how they are best selected for the job.  Selecting the right cylinder is essential for system optimization and safety.  Making the right cylinder choice enhances the performance of the overall system.

In the area of market coverage, two of the largest end use markets for in-plant fluid power systems both hydraulic and pneumatic are the automotive and steel-making industries.  There are many interesting and useful stories about the very successful application of fluid power technology that come from these two industries and we will examine a few of them

I hope that your company will consider advertising in our August issue.  The advertising space reservation closing date for our August issue is July 20, 2015.  Reserve your ad space today.  I also suggest that you consider combining your print ad with web banner ads and e-newsletters to generate more sales leads.