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The Value of Association

Now that the 2015 NAHAD Annual Convention is complete, I can easily look back and say what a great job the association does in providing delegates and all attendees the opportunity to "associate" with each other.  There were speakers and sessions of common interest to all so that, not only do attendees learn from the sessions, they have common ground for discussion because of the sessions and the ideas presented.

NAHAD also provides many opportunities for members to meet with each other to discuss matters of business.  Every year, some new session is introduced like speed networking or the fishbowl discussion to bring attendees together for connection.  As time goes by, the association adjusts to the needs and wishes of its members.

At the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) and Fluid Power Distributor Association (FPDA) meetings, the same is true.  Attendees have many opportunities to interact, forge new relationships, and even conduct business.  NFPA offers not only it…

Ever been in a fishbowl?

Well, the 2015 NAHAD Annual Convention is now complete.  It was another fantastic event with great networking opportunities and held in a fantastic setting at South Beach.

One of the new networking features this year was called the Fishbowl.  Delegates were invited to attend a session where they were assembled with people of similar professions and asked to answer questions pertaining to their specialty.

The fishbowl comes into play because when a delegate decides to answer a question, they must go up in front of their peers in a chair set in front of the room.  It was a great way to get people talking about their company, products, and sales experience.

If your company makes, sells, or distributes hose, fittings, assemblies, crimpers, or anything having to do with hose, consider joining NAHAD and click here for more information

NAHAD and Hose Assembly Tips

NAHAD is the Association for Hose and Accessory Distribution and they are the primary and main association for hose and accessories.  They offer a wealth of information on hose assemblies and hose safety.  Please visit their website for more information at

NAHAD will be holding their Annual Convention this week with lots of great plans on the schedule.  For more information, visit their website.  Two of the featured speakers on the first day are Brian Beaulieu of ITR Economics, a frequent speaker at association events.  Brian and ITR have keen observations and insights about the industries involving hose assemblies specifically and fluid power in general.

The other headline speaker on Thursday will be Jack Uldrich of  Jack is a highly regarded keynote speaker with authoritative presentations on future trends, emerging technologies, innovation, change management and leadership.  He will be a big hit on the NAHAD stage.

Hose Assembly Tips is a website mana…

How about a podcast

Here is a link to our latest podcast from WTWH Media.  The topic is fluid power distribution and the speaker is Bill Tulloch of Flodraulic Group.  Bill shares his expertise with our audience on the subject of where we are with distribution.

This podcast is provided free to our audience.  Bill shares some very interesting insights about the supply chain along with points about the integration of electric and electronic technology as they relate to fluid power systems.
Check it out.  Perhaps you would want to do one too?

Share Your Tips

In any fluid power system, hydraulic or pneumatic, making solid connections in the lines that carry the fluid is very important.  Whether it is hydraulic fluid or air, preventing leakage and making connection access simple is essential to safe and efficient operation of machinery.  With that in mind, we created our website and e-newsletter titled Hose Assembly Tips

Designers, maintenance professionals, and machine operators have a lot to consider when selecting the right hose, fitting, assembly, crimper, hose material, quick couplings, or any of the conductors that carry fluid.  If your company has tips on how to do it best, please share them with our audience by sending your information to me at
Our audience needs to know about your success stories and product innovations.  Share your tips with them by having your photos and descriptions posted on Hose Assembly Tips.

Above is sample post from Hose Assembly Tips, for more information click here.
We also send th…

Content and Social

I would like to be very clear that I believe in magazines, websites, and e-newsletters as the best means available for a fluid power company to send their sales message to prospective new customers.  We at Fluid Power World offer all of that.  But, we can go well beyond that to help your company to market your products.

Content marketing is very popular now and most companies are involved in some way.  Your entry is actually very simple, write a white paper.  We can take it from there and make that white paper work for your marketing program.

Marketers of fluid power components know their products and value proposition better than anyone.  Why not share that knowledge with prospective new customers through a white paper?  Let the audience know what you know so that you can go to work for them with your products.
We at Fluid Power World can use your content for your benefit.  Let us do that, contact me
What about Social Media?  We have that too.  We use it alread…

A Solid Year for Shows

If you are involved at all in the fluid power industry, construction market, any mobile hydraulic market, or any fluid power market, you know that the IFPE is the big show.  You probably also know that it only happens every third year and 2015 is not one of those.  The next IFPE will be held in Las Vegas in 2017 and for more details visit the NFPA Events Page.

With that being said, 2015 is still a solid year for trade shows that feature at least some fluid power exhibits.  The Pacific Design Show in February and the Work Truck Show in March are two good examples of trade shows that include fluid power technology.
Coming up in May, the OTC Show in Houston will feature fluid power technology as it relates to oil exploration and production.  For more information about that, visit the OTC website.

In terms of the number of fluid power related exhibitors, this is one of the major shows taking place in 2015.  OTC happens every May in Houston at NRG Park.
If you are involved with the hydraul…


What is a tutorial?  Well a simple definition is a transfer of knowledge or information.  The definition can be expanded to mean information presented by a tutor.  We think of tutors as individuals who are knowledgable about certain subjects that they help others to learn.

With our current communication technology, tutorials can be presented live, in print, via web, e-mail, video, podcast and more.  We at WTWH Media offer many options for transferring expert information to interested learners.  The tutors are the authors and editors of the articles including experts from industry and education.
In June, we will publish our Fluid Power Handbook and the content found in this issue, presented in print and digitally, is in the form of tutorials.  For example, we have sections on filters, hose, grippers, and so on.  We also offer tutorials on Fluid Power Safety and Education.
Our product sections offer in depth explanations of cylinders, motors, frls and much more.  If you are interested i…