Content and Social

I would like to be very clear that I believe in magazines, websites, and e-newsletters as the best means available for a fluid power company to send their sales message to prospective new customers.  We at Fluid Power World offer all of that.  But, we can go well beyond that to help your company to market your products.

Content marketing is very popular now and most companies are involved in some way.  Your entry is actually very simple, write a white paper.  We can take it from there and make that white paper work for your marketing program.

Marketers of fluid power components know their products and value proposition better than anyone.  Why not share that knowledge with prospective new customers through a white paper?  Let the audience know what you know so that you can go to work for them with your products.

We at Fluid Power World can use your content for your benefit.  Let us do that, contact me

What about Social Media?  We have that too.  We use it already in the promotion of everything we do.  We can use our SM structure to promote your content too.  Let's talk.

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