What is a tutorial?  Well a simple definition is a transfer of knowledge or information.  The definition can be expanded to mean information presented by a tutor.  We think of tutors as individuals who are knowledgable about certain subjects that they help others to learn.

With our current communication technology, tutorials can be presented live, in print, via web, e-mail, video, podcast and more.  We at WTWH Media offer many options for transferring expert information to interested learners.  The tutors are the authors and editors of the articles including experts from industry and education.

In June, we will publish our Fluid Power Handbook and the content found in this issue, presented in print and digitally, is in the form of tutorials.  For example, we have sections on filters, hose, grippers, and so on.  We also offer tutorials on Fluid Power Safety and Education.

Our product sections offer in depth explanations of cylinders, motors, frls and much more.  If you are interested in receiving our June Fluid Power Handbook, please sign up now for a subscription to Fluid Power World

If your company manufactures or sells fluid power components, then it makes sense to advertise in our Fluid Power Handbook.  I can help you with that.  Simply contact me at mference@wtwhmedia.com


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