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Here is an example of Hose Assembly Tips

Take a look at this post

This is the kind of information that you will find on our Hose Assembly Tips website.  If you think that this is helpful information, then please visit and come back again.  Also, please consider signing up for our Hose Assembly Tips e-newsletter.
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Making the Right Connections

This phrase has been used a lot, especially by me.  But it does a good job of describing our Hose Assembly Tipswebsite and e-newsletter, and how these communication vehicles work to deliver useful and interesting content about hose assemblies to our qualified audience.

For all manufacturers of hydraulic hose, pneumatic tubing, fittings, quick-acting couplings, hose wraps, crimpers, hose cutters, and all related products, please send us your press releases and success stories to post on our website.  Since this website was launched in 2014, it has grown in visitors and page views because of the content found there.
For all users of the above products, feel free also to send us case studies of how your company applied these components in unique and interesting ways.  All of this content will then get picked up in our monthly Hose Assembly Tips e-newsletter.

I invite everyone with an interest in hose assemblies to sign up for our e-newsletter at this location

Clean and leak free

Isn't that what every hydraulic system designer and machined operator wants for their hydraulic system?

While a perfectly leak-free system may be difficult to achieve and completely clean fluid is difficult to maintain, there are many stories about how to be successful at both missions.  That is why we created this website Sealing & Contamination Control Tips  The idea is for our advertisers and our audience to share success stories.
These stories are posted to this new website and then pushed out through our Sealing & Contamination Control Tips e-newsletter to interested users.  So, feel free to share your sealing and filtration success stories with us so that we can make them known throughout the industry.

Join Us in August

We have another great issue planned for the August 2017 issue of Fluid Power World.As usual, we will be covering all of the fluid power bases with pneumatics, industrial fluid power, mobile hydraulics, a product focus, and our regular monthly departments.
Fluid Power in Utility Equipment represents an important segment of mobile hydraulics that is very similar to construction equipment.Consider all of the mobile vehicles used to maintain utilities across America and you will get a feel for the size of this market.Our August issue will feature an application story on this mobile market.We will also preview the ICUEE Show that serves the utility equipment market.
Packaging is, of course, a very major segment of the overall pneumatics user market and our editors will take a look at pneumatic applications used to package goods for many end-use markets.The PackExpo Show will take place in September and our August issue will preview that show.
Efficient designs are most beneficial for in-p…

A New Opportunity With Video

At Fluid Power World, we have developed a new opportunity involving video sponsorship.  We have a complete list of videos that we will be rolling out on YouTube, the second largest search engine for all content.
Here is a sample of one of those videos

Each one of these videos will have one exclusive sponsor   Your company can sponsor a video on your area of expertise for one full year and you can contact me at for pricing.  Through our e-blasts, we will guarantee 2,500 views on your video.

We have the capability to do videos for every fluid power component category from gear pumps to hose to cylinders to FRLs.  We will put together a tutorial video on the topic and host it on our website and YouTube with your company logo listed on the video for your sponsorship.

What do the next few years look like for fluid power?

As a member of the NFPA, I regularly take in their quarterly economic webcasts presented by the Institute for Trends Research also known as ITR.  You may be familiar with their most familiar faces, Alan and Brian Beaulieu, who regularly educate and entertain the audience at the NFPA's Industry and Economic Outlook Conference.

By the way, if you have attended in the past or are interested in attending this year, the registration is now open at NFPA.  I highly recommend this event to anyone with a business interest in the fluid power industry and the many markets served by fluid power technology.

At the end of May, the update was done by Chris Steel, an economist at ITR and I would like to share a little of what he presented.  Overall, it looks like the remainder of 2017 and all of 2018 will be good years for our industry.  We may be looking at a minor recession in 2019, however.

The forecast for the fluid power industry is positive for this year and next year with a dip in 2019 and…