Making the Right Connections

This phrase has been used a lot, especially by me.  But it does a good job of describing our Hose Assembly Tips website and e-newsletter, and how these communication vehicles work to deliver useful and interesting content about hose assemblies to our qualified audience.

For all manufacturers of hydraulic hose, pneumatic tubing, fittings, quick-acting couplings, hose wraps, crimpers, hose cutters, and all related products, please send us your press releases and success stories to post on our website.  Since this website was launched in 2014, it has grown in visitors and page views because of the content found there.

For all users of the above products, feel free also to send us case studies of how your company applied these components in unique and interesting ways.  All of this content will then get picked up in our monthly Hose Assembly Tips e-newsletter.

I invite everyone with an interest in hose assemblies to sign up for our e-newsletter at this location

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