Friday, September 22, 2017

Good e-reading

We offer many opportunities for our audience to read and review excellent fluid power content.  One of them is our series of e-books.  I would like to invite you to download and read our latest e-book titled, Proper Management of Hydraulic Fluid Systems.

Here is a little of what you will find in this free download
  • Follow these 5 simple tasks for efficient hydraulic fluid management
  • Clean hydraulics: contaminant removal
  • 5 Uses for a Hydraulic Filter Cart
As I have mentioned in this blog before, we are committed to reporting on cleanliness in hydraulic fluid and have devoted our website Sealing & Contamination Control Tips to the topic of keeping hydraulic fluid clean and sealed.

Take a look at this new e-book and visit our website for the latest content on the subject of fluid cleanliness.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Two More Fluid Power Webinars in 2017

Fluid Power World will host two more informative webinars this year on timely and important topics. Fist, in October, we will conduct Pneumatic System Design.

"The benefits of pneumatic power can be realized by following some basic pneumatic design rules for specifying air preparation units, actuators and valves."  These words are taken directly from our recent article titled Pneumatic design 101:  Go with the flow and you can find this article on our Pneumatic Tips.
This article was contributed by Chip McDaniel, Educational Specialist at Automation Direct.  In this article, Chip gives some basic explanations of the advantages of pneumatic systems.  Our upcoming webinar on Pneumatic System Design will have similar content and further the discussion.

Our final webinar of the year will be titled Proper Contamination Control.  Again, we have an entire website devoted to the topic of sealing and contamination control titled Sealing & Contamination Control Tips.

This is the newest of our five websites and it features content that will help designers and maintenance professionals to produce and operate the most efficient systems possible.  Our December webcast will deal with the same topic of controlling the cleanliness of the fluid in any system to enable the most efficient operation possible.

Please contact me if you would be interested in sponsoring either of these editorial webinars.  Your company will gain exposure through your sponsorship and will receive all of the sales leads generated.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Coming in November

In the midst of the current economic improvement for the fluid power industry, our November issue will highlight some very important fluid power topics.  The November issue of Fluid Power World will include:

Mobile Hydraulics - Here is a review of the performance of mobile hydraulic systems in extreme environments.  Most construction and mining equipment work in harsh environments and we will examine how they stay productive.

Pneumatics - Vacuum is used in many industrial applications such as packaging and automation systems.  This issue will take a little deeper dive into vacuum systems and components.

Industrial Systems - Maintenance issues and controls will be reviewed in this focus on industrial, in-plant fluid power systems.  Both topics are essential to top performing machinery.

Product Focus - we will have two.  One product group to be covered is protective devices used on many ports and connectors until they are ready to be put into use.  Also, protective wraps have become more popular recently.  Safety is an ongoing area of concern for both pneumatic and hydraulic systems.  We will discuss safety practices and components in this issue.

Our November issue ...

... will feature our regular monthly departments including Korane's Outlook, Association Watch, Distributor Update, Energy Efficiency. Design Notes, Fundamentals, Training, Product World, and more.  Join us with your advertising message  Please contact me for more information about advertising.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Planning for a Great 2018

We have some great plans for 2018 at Fluid Power World magazine and digital media network.  Of course, our print magazine has some very interesting and informative content planned for the year and I can send you our 2018 Editorial Calendar with some details.

We start the year with our Leadership in Engineering issue combined with Design World.  Every advertiser gets a profile full page in this issue.  In May, we will publish our annual Fluid Power Handbook which is a keeper because of the tutorial information on a wide variety of fluid power components and related products.

Our lineup for 2018 includes six other issues with a focus on many markets served by fluid power technology.  Every issue also features editorial departments such as Association Watch, Maintenance, Energy Efficiency, Safety, and more.

Turning to the digital side of our business, we offer six websites and e-newsletters including Fluid Power World, Design World, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, Pneumatic Tips, Hose Assembly Tips, and Sealing & Contamination Control Tips.  This wide network allows our qualified technical audience of fluid power buyers and specifiers to enter our network from their point of interest.

Sponsored content continues to grow in importance in the media world including Fluid Power World.  It can take many forms including white papers supported by e-mail invitations, e-books, webinars, and other custom formats.  For in-person connections and interaction, we offer our Fluid Power Technology Conference & Expo in May at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Please contact me to put together a great custom media campaign using all that we have to offer.  Together, let’s plan for a great 2018!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fluid Power World Delivers

I am happy to report that the article that we promised to publish in our August issue about efficiency in industrial hydraulics came out very well.  Here is a link to our digital edition and the article starts on page 42

In the article, Efficient design in industrial hydraulics, Contributing Editor Josh Cosford gives his interesting insights into efficient design.  The article also appears on our website and here is a link

So we did deliver on our promise to have an article on efficient industrial hydraulic systems in August.  While you are checking out this article, why not take a look at the rest of our August issue.  If you would like to subscribe, click here.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sponsored Content

What is sponsored content?  Well, as I understand it, sponsored content can take several forms.  It can be a custom printed publication, a white paper, e-book, webinar, or others.

We at Fluid Power World offer all of these forms of sponsored content.  First of all, I feel that our content is excellent and the main reason why our readers, who are fluid power buyers and specifiers, come to our magazine, website, e-newsletters, and webinars.  That is where we can best deliver our advertisers' sales message.

However, to take content a step further and deliver information that is specific to one company's products or technology, we offer all of the sponsored content forms mentioned above.  Let me put together a custom marketing package for your company for 2018 including the following possible options:

Print Advertising in Fluid Power World
Web banners
White papers
Fluid Power Technology Conference