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Join Our Hose Assembly Webinar

We at Fluid Power World will be hosting a webinar on February 3 titled Proper hose assembly guidelines, from the factory to the field.  It will be free to attend and this should be of great interest to any technical professional working with hose assemblies in any way.

Here is a brief summary of what we have planned:

Jim Reilly of The United Distribution Group, GHX Industrial, LLC, and Rick Pitman of PSC will discuss the proper use of hydraulic hose, from fabrication and assembly to industry drivers and field usage. They will also explain NAHAD’s role in improving hose standards and what engineering personnel need to know.

If you are interested in attending this free webinar, please go to this link and register.
 Contact me at if you have any questions.

Also Coming in April

One of the major markets for pneumatic components and systems is the Automation market.  Pick-and-place machinery, robotics, and all types of automated motions are activated by pneumatics.

If your company sells pneumatic components and technology into the Automation market, consider advertising in our April issue of Fluid Power World.  The closing date for advertising reservation is March 25, 2015.
In addition our magazine Fluid Power World, we also host a website devoted to pneumatic technology and it is titled PneumaticTips and I invite you to visit.  We also offer a free monthly e-newsetter titled PneumaticTips and you can sign up for it at this link.

Coming in April

The April issue of Fluid Power World will continue our coverage of the fluid power industry and the many markets served.  One of the key features in April will be the agricultural machinery industry.

Producing food for humankind is a task that has been around since the beginning and it gets better and better with technology.  Fluid power innovations have helped to make agricultural machinery more productive and efficient.

If your company sells fluid power solutions into the agricultural machinery market, share your success stories with our audiences.  In addition to our April print and digital edition, we can post your information on Mobile Hydraulic Tips and in our e-newsletters.  
Also, if your company has interesting video content about ag machinery, send that to us as well so that we can share it with our audience.  The agricultural machinery is a very important fluid power market and we will be paying close attention to it in 2015 starting with our April issue.

2015 OTC

The 2015 Offshore Technology Conference will take place at NRG Park in Houston on May 4-7, 2015.  From the prospective of the fluid power industry, this is a significant trade show.  Go to this link  for more information or to register in advanced for the show.

In addition to a huge display of equipment for the offshore energy industry, the technical sessions cover a wide range of topics and offer key insights by industry experts on technology, safety, and environmentally focused solutions.

If your area of expertise involves fluid power applications in offshore energy markets, check out the OTC website for lists of exhibitors who might offer solutions for your machinery and equipment.  The website makes the claim that OTC is the best event to gain technical knowledge and make valuable contacts.  Check it out.

Have You Seen Our Suppliers Pages?

Our website Fluid Power World offers our audience an opportunity to learn more about our advertisers from a section called "Suppliers."  In this section, we feature a profile of our advertiser companies along with links to all of their social channels and a link to their website.

If you would like to review it, please go to Fluid Power World and click on the Suppliers link on the menu bar.  This will take you to an alphabetical listing of our Suppliers and the list is growing.

This resource allows our audience to learn more about the capabilities of our advertisers.  You will find videos and electronic catalogs and data sheets.  If you are considering an advertising program with Fluid Power World, this is an added feature that you should know about.
If you have any questions, please contact me at

Make Sure You Receive Our Digital Edition

We would like to send Fluid Power World digital edition to you by e-mail.  That would be a great reminder to open and read the excellent fluid power content that we have planned for all of 2015.

You won't want to miss an issue.  Just go to Fluid Power World registration page and put your name on our mailing list to receive six more issues of mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics, pneumatics, hose fittings and assemblies, and so much more.  Sign up today.

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A Simple Explanation of a Hydraulic Pump

If you are a trained fluid power mechanic or engineer, knowing about hydraulic pumps is a given.  If you are a Mechanical Engineer without formal fluid power training, the understanding may be a little more vague.  If you are new to fluid power, hydraulic pumps need a simple explanation.

You are in luck, we offer that explanation on our website Fluid Power World and here it is.

When you visit our website Fluid Power World other educational about hydraulic pumps will be available to you such as this video

I hope that you will visit our website often and share it with others at your company and in your profession who need fluid power information on the job.  If your company would like to contribute to the educational material found on our website, please let me know.

Dealing With Contamination Webcast Scheduled

Webcasts are a great way for engineers to gain insights into how products work and how efficient and productive systems are designed and maintained.  For a sample of a webcast, please visit our Design World and Fluid Power World digital network click here.  You will have to register, but it is free.

In March, Fluid Power World will present a webinar on Dealing With Contamination.  If you are involved in an industry where hydraulics are used, you know the importance of clean systems.  Good filtration is essential to an efficient hydraulic system.

Our Fluid Power World webinar, scheduled for March, will focus on the basics of contamination control.  That usually starts with good filtration.  If you are interested in possibly sponsoring the webinar, please contact me at  
We will sending a message out to our audience for registration purposes for our Dealing With Contamination presentation.  If you would like to be included with those fluid power professionals who…

Anticipate, Innovate, Collaborate

These are the words used to describe the 2015 NAHAD 31st Annual Meeting and Convention.  Of course NAHAD is the professional trade association for hose and accessories distribution.  With hydraulic and pneumatic hose and assemblies being such a major part of all fluid power systems, Fluid Power World will be there.

This year's event will be held at the Lowes Miami Beach Hotel on April 23-27.  Anticipate refers to the economist who will shed some light on the upcoming year for the industry.  Alan Beaulieu is that economist and if you have read my blog before, you know that I am a fan of Alan.  His insights are a great foundation on which to plan your year.
The Innovate comes from the presentation scheduled by futurist Jack Uldrich titled Foresight 20/20:  Ten Trends in Transforming Tomorrow.  Jack is a very well regarded keynote speaker on future trends, emerging technologies, innovation, change management, and leadership.
The collaborate comes from the many opportunities to intera…

Increasing Brand Awareness While Generating Sales Leads

That is what we do for our advertisers @FluidPowerWorld.  Join us as a reader, join us as an advertiser.  We have four websites and four e-newsletters.  We can help your company immediately!

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I like to post about business-related books that I am or have read.  If you are involved with media or social media in any way, may I recommend Audience by Jeffrey K. Rohrs.

While I still have a long way to go on the book, I am familiar with the content because I attended the WTWH Marketing Seminar last year and heard Jeff speak.  I was so impressed with his presentation, I decided to read the book.  More to come.