Thursday, December 1, 2016

Wow, what a finish!

Well, 2016 is not over yet.  In fact, we have whole month to go.  Like most Decembers though, the time really flies during this holiday season.

We did however publish our final 2016 issue of Fluid Power World and it is a great one.

Our November 2016 edition offers our print magazine and digital edition audience some really insightful editorial content including our cover story about handling heat in a hydraulic system.  Our real strength is our content and that strength starts with our editorial team of Paul Heney, Mary Gannon, Ken Korane, and Mike Santora.  It continues with our contributors Ron Marshall and Josh Cosford.  Our content is extended through social media with our SM expert Josh Breuler.

If you are not already a subscriber to Fluid Power World, I invite you to click on this link and join us in 2017 as we continue our excellent coverage of fluid power technology.  Our team is passionate about fluid power and 2017 is a big year for our industry.  The IFPE Show held in conjunction with the ConExpo/ConAg Show will take place in March 2017.  This will be the biggest display of fluid power in North America.

We will be previewing and covering the event in the pages of our magazine, on our 5 websites, and in our 5 e-newsletters as well as on Twitter and Facebook.  Fluid Power World magazine and digital network offer our audience the very best in fluid power content and we hope that you will continue to follow us in 2017!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Just so busy

I don't mean to ignore my blog.  I really like blogging about fluid power marketing and all that we have to offer our clients and the industry from Fluid Power World magazine and digital network.  It is just a matter of being so busy this time of year contacting so many clients about next year.

2017 should be a great year for fluid power as it is an IFPE year meaning that the IFPE Show held in conjunction with the ConExpo/ConAg will be taking place in March 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  I am working with my clients to promo and prepare for that big event.

Our February Issue of Fluid Power World will be our IFPE Preview Issue and if I have not spoken to you about it already, I would like to before too long.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which always indicates that we are nearing the end of the year for making plans for next year.

We kickoff our 2017 with our Annual Leadership in Engineering Issue published in conjunction with Design World.  Our closing date for that is right around Christmas so I am working with companies to get their ads into this important opening issue to start the year with an ad plus their profile page.

If you would like to have me work with your company on an advertising campaign for 2017, simply contact me at for details.

Monday, November 7, 2016

No Matter What

This has been a very long and very difficult presidential election.  Who could argue with that?

I my profession, fluid power marketing and advertising professional, I choose to stay focused on our industry, fluid power.  No matter what happens in the election, crops need to be planted and harvested, roads and buildings need to be built and maintained,  automation machinery will continue to manufacture the things our society needs.  Garbage will continue to be collected.  Medical equipment advances will continue to benefit humankind.  Entertainment will continue.

My point is that business will go on as scheduled.  No matter who wins the White House, no matter who wins the Senate, no matter who wins the Congress, fluid power will go on and on, because we need it.

So, go out and vote, support this great country, The United States of America!  I contend that 2017 will be a very good year for fluid power and last week's economic webcast seems to back up that contention!  Good days are ahead!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Visit our new website ...

... to learn more about sealing and filtration for fluid power systems

I always learn a lot from NFPA Webcasts

Without giving away too much information, I learn a lot from the NFPA quarterly economic webcasts.  Not always able to view them live, the archived version works for me and I just took in the October webcast today.

My key takeaway is a macro one, to use an economics term.  That is that these webcasts really inform us in the industry about how things are going economically and what to expect in the coming months, quarters, and years.  So, if your company is a member of NFPA, the National Fluid Power Association, then you really should consider viewing these webcasts in addition to attending the August Industry and Economic Outlook Conference.

Click on the icon below for the NFPA website

Since the information conveyed during these events is really intended for the members of NFPA, I will only highlight some of the key lessons from the October webcast.  In a nutshell, the fluid power industry has experienced some challenges over the past few years with some negative growth.  The good news is that things will be turning around and 2017 should be a solid year for our industry.

For more information, check out the NFPA!

Monday, October 24, 2016

I would like to propose ...

... an advertising program to your fluid power component manufacturing or distribution company for 2017.  Why?  Because it makes sense.

Advertising in a magazine, one a website, or through e-mail based vehicles to deliver your sales message to a qualified and interested audience is the best way to increase the brand awareness of your company and products.  It also generates sales leads to increase sales and market share.

That is what we, at Fluid Power World, can do for your fluid power company.  Just let me know when you are ready to talk and we can set up a GoTo Meeting.  Don't wait too long though.  You will want to take advantage of our January Leadersship Issue and February IFPE Preview issue.

Just let me know at

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Is it a job?

Hey to everyone who works ... think about they way that you make a living.  Is it a job?  Is it a career?  Or, is it a calling?

I think that we would all like to say that our position is a calling and that we have special gifts and talents that we are using and sharing to get paid enough money to live on.  On the way to work this morning, I was listening to an audio book titled The Happiness Advantage by Sean Achor.  Click here for a link to the book.  The content of this audiobook is what stimulated me to revisit this though process about working people.

This started me to think about my own position and how I have viewed my "job or jobs" over my "career."  The author describes a job as something that we do for the paycheck mostly.  We punch in and punch out and look forward to off time.

To me a "career" is a somewhat connected period of a person's work life that utilizes skills and knowledge from one point in that career to the next and , in fact, continues to build.  A calling would be a position that a person fills because he or she is called, by God, to use their skills and talents for a specific useful purpose.

There are times in my 38+ years of working that I have viewed my job as just that, a job, a way to get paid and look forward to off time.  There have been times that I was fully convinced that I have a "career" in fluid power marketing and advertising.  By the way, I am still going with that description, career, as the one that best describes my professional journey.

But a calling?  How many of us are fortunate enough to make a living from what we know is a calling.  To teach others how to read or do arithmetic sounds like a calling.  Working in a truly charitable organization sounds like a calling.  Feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, reaching out to those in need all describe what I would consider a calling.

There are other "callings" and I really wish that any reader of this blog would (even anonymously) share their idea of what is a calling.  Do you have an idea?  What is your calling?  If you know, what are you waiting for?