Women in Fluid Power

We as a staff at Fluid Power World are very proud of our event, the Fluid Power Technology Conference, held at MSOE in Milwaukee and held last week.  We had many exhibitor/sponsors, excellent sessions, and great networking.

One of the sessions that I am particularly proud to have presented was our opening keynote session on Wednesday titled "Women in Fluid Power" moderated by our newly promoted Chief Editor, Mary Gannon.

The panel consisted of four professional Women in Fluid Power including Celine Cabana, Technical Account Manager, FD-GROUPS America; Rachel Schmidt, Application Engineer ISO 9001 Administrator, Elwood Fluid Power; Taryn West, V.P. K.R. West Co.; and Caryes AllanV.P. Higginson Equipment.  They all did a great job of discussing their roles in fluid power and some of the considerations for getting to where they are today.
My big takeaway from the discussion is this:  We all face barriers in our professionals careers whether they are real or perceived.  Percepti…

Thank you to our Fluid Power Technology Conference Sponsors

Last week, the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference was very successfully held at the Kern Center of the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  It was our third annual event.  With 27 sponsors and over 200 registrants, this was our most successful event so far!

The opening keynote presentation by Austin Ramirez was very interesting and informative as he spoke about the history of HUSCO, the current state of business, and his involvement as a White House advisor in both the Obama and Trump administrations.  

There were 26 technical presentations given by a combination of our exhibitors and sponsors as well as our own expert presenters, Carl Dyke and Josh Cosford.  There were two more keynotes, one by Astrid Moses of Eaton and by Rethink Robotics,  Sawyer the robot did make an appearance at FPTC2018.  There was plenty of time for networking and meals served as well.  Participation by the Equipment Services Association made the event even better.

We look forward to another successful event …

2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference

I have been too busy to post the past few days because of all of the activity at the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference at MSOE.  We got off to a great start on Monday with two great pre-conference sessions titled Basic Hydraulics and Advanced Hydraulics.

The actual conference kicked off on Tuesday with a keynote presentation by Austin Ramirez of HUSCO International.

Our attendance and our exhititor participation are both increased from last year and lots of enthusiasm has been shown the first two days of the event.  There have been 13 technical presentations done from our two stages so far with another 13 scheduled for today.  We will kick off with Women in Fluid Power with an excellent panel of fluid power professionals.
More to come.

We have come a long way with our Fluid Power Technology Conference

We are thrilled at Fluid Power World at the way that our Fluid Power Technology Conference has developed.  Our 2018 event will be held at the Kern Center on May 14-16, 2018 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

This year, we will offer 25 technical sessions presented from our two stages with great technical fluid power information presented by our exhibitors, the MSOE faculty, and our expert fluid power trainers.  We have keynote sessions being presented by Austin Ramirez, CEO of HUSCO International; Astrid Moses, Vice President Hydraulic Business at Eaton Corp., and by Jason Biwer of Rethink Robotics including the Robot Sawyer!

Two full day sessions of fluid power training have been added to the schedule on Monday, May 14, 2018 including Basic Fluid Power presented by MSOE, and Advanced Fluid Power presented by IFPS.  Our second day will start with a panel of professionals titled Women in Fluid Power!  There will be side tours to the Rapid Prototyping Center at MSOE and the Fluid P…

Modeling and Simulation of a Braking Unit HPU

At the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference in Milwaukee on May 15-16, 2018, one of our featured sessions will be

Modeling and Simulation of a Braking Unit HPU Presented by Celine Cabana  FD-GROUPS America
Electro-thermal-hydraulic system modeling, simulation and analysis of a Braking System HPU for optimizing the sizing, selection of components and the design operation. 

Celine is a three-time presenter at the Fluid Power Technology Conference and we are very happy to have her exhibit and session presentation at the 2018 event.  Register today to hear Celine and many other sessions to be presented at MSOE.
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NAHAD - more follow up

Here is more information about NAHAD 2018 that took place last week in beautiful Marco Island, Florida.  We posted information in our Hose Assembly Tips e-newsletter

To better serve the information needs of professionals working with hydraulic and pneumatic hose and fittings and all of the machinery that makes great hose assemblies, we have a dedicated website titled Hose Assembly Tips.

I invite you to visit our Hose Assembly Tips website often for updates on hose, fittings, assemblies, crimpers, cutters, and more.

More about #FPTC2018

You can help us out with the upcoming Fluid Power Technology Conference by tweeting about it and using the hashtag #FPTC2018.

Here is more about our speakers and presentations:

Presented by:

Advanced Hydraulic Motion Control Design Practices
This presentation will introduce the considerations required when sitting down to come up with a new fluid power design. Jason will offer practical tips that can be immediately applied, including the basics of component selection, a highlight of the theory underlying component selection, and then steps into a discussion of Proportional, Integral, and Derivative (PID) gains and how that impacts control. Finally, Jerk Feed Forwards and Double Derivative gains—and the conditions and requirements for using these methods—will also be discussed.

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We have two full days of exhibits and seminar sessions, off-site tours, lunch, a reception, networking, and plenty of time to get to …