Editorial Request

Here is a request for all marketers of fluid power components and related products such as controls and materials:

Do you have any press releases, product reviews, or application stories that you would like to share with our audience.  We could post these on our websites and perhaps in our magazine, Fluid Power World?  There is no charge for this.

We will post your content on our websites, see below:

Once your press release or application story is posted on one of these websites, the content is available for picking up for one of our five e-newsletters with the same titles as above.  Also, the content can be picked up for our print issue.
So, what are you waiting for?  Send me your content.

Have you seen our latest issue?

Here is a link to our June issue of Fluid Power World

The June issue of Fluid Power World is our first with new Editor, Mary Gannon, and you won't want to miss her first Fluidlines page found on page 2 of the issue titled "Our future lies in engaging in the littlest engineers among us."
Also in this issue, we offer our audience features titled "Building a world-class pump" for our mobile hydraulics feature.  "Innovative pneumatic designs" is our main pneumatic feature in June.  On the industrial hydraulics side we report on "Safety in industrial hydraulics."  Our product spotlight for the issue is Seals with "Material matters:  Understanding wear ring benefits."
I hope you will enjoy learning from our latest issue.  If you are not already a subscriber, please sign up to have the printed issue or digital version delivered directly to your mailbox or inbox.  As always, thank you for reading!

A Mobile Hydraulics Advertising Package

Using an integrated advertising campaign is the best way to reach your prospective customers with your sales message in my opinion.The package of integrated tools continues to expand.In addition to the longtime standard - print magazines - we offer websites, e-newsletters, e-blasts, webinars, in-person events, social media management, PPC management, video production, and more.

I have selected some of those tools to put together into a package that would be of interest to companies that market mobile components such as cylinders, pumps, valves, motors, fittings, hose, and more.Better yet, it is put together at a package price to make it even more attractive.

With this special advertising package, you will be using print issues August and December which both will feature mobile application stories in Agriculture and Mining.You will also be utilizing the e-mail based channel with our Mobile Hydraulic Tips e-newsletter as well as a single-sponsor e-blast.The web component is 10,000 impr…

Planning for a Great Second Half of 2018

Coming in August Fluid Power World
We have some great second half plans for 2018 at Fluid Power World magazine and digital media network.Of course, our print magazine has some very interesting and informative content planned for the year.In our August issue, we will feature Agricultural Applications. This market has remained a vital user group for all types of hydraulic components.
On the industrial side, Machine Tools remain significant users of fluid power components and designers continue to seek ways to make machinery more efficient and productive.Our August issue will feature Machine Tools.On the pneumatic front, Packaging Machineryremains a major market and thus our editors will review some interesting applications in August.
Turning to the digital side of our business, we offer six websites and e-newsletters including Fluid Power World, Design World, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, Pneumatic Tips, Hose Assembly Tips, and Sealing & Contamination Control Tips.This wide network allows…

Sponsored Content

We have several interesting ways to send our audience content sponsored by your company.  It could be in the form of a white paper, webinar, e-book, e-blast, or video.  Or it could be all of the above.
Think about all of the excellent topics involving fluid power components and systems and the many considerations for clean, safe, efficient operation of those systems.  From proper contamination control to sealing considerations.  Selecting the right cylinder for the job or smart hoses are always to important topics.
If your company has solutions to any fluid power design or maintenance considerations, then perhaps we can leverage that expertise of yours to generate interest in your company and products some valuable sales leads.  The process for putting sponsored content together is fairly simple.  You write the story and we edit the content.  We send it our to our 40,000 opt-in audience members and they decide if they are interested.
Here is a link to our White Papers website

Here is a …

Selecting and Sizing Fittings

Next up in our line of Fluid Power World webinars in 2018 will be Selecting and Sizing Proper Fittings in August.  After a very successful Load Sensing Hydraulics webinar conducted early this month, we are excited to present this new topic in April.

In case you are not familiar with our webinar series, may I direct you to our webinar page on our Fluid Power World website.  There you will find several webinars that are archived and available for viewing on-demand.  You will also be able to register shortly for the August fittings webinar.
We believe in the importance of fittings in any hydraulic or pneumatic system and that is why we devote pages to this topic in our annual Fluid Power Handbook as well as application stories in many issues of Fluid Power World magazine.

We also have an entire website devoted to fittings, hoses, couplings, and all fluid power connectors called Hose Assembly Tips.

I invite you to visit that website often for answers about proper sizing of fittings and wh…

A Strong Second Half of 2018

Fluid Power World offers our advertisers many opportunities to finish 2018 strong.  I know that it is only mid-year but now is the time to plan for a prosperous second half.  We have three excellent print issues including August, October, and December.  Here is what we have planned:

August Fluid Power World Agricultural Equipment Fluid power systems play a vital role in helping farmers to keep the world’s population fed.Here is an examination of some applications. Machine Tools One of the largest markets for industrial hydraulic and pneumatic components is machine tools. Packaging Applications Getting products to market in a clean, safe, and attractive package is a key function of packaging and pneumatics plays a big role. Product Focus: Gauges and Filters Gauges help machine operators to maintain optimal performance and filters keep the fluid clean.
Advertising closing date July 31, 2018
October Fluid Power World The Future of Telematics Like all other markets, fluid power takes advantage of the IO…