Monday, August 21, 2017

My big takeaway

The annual Industry & Economic Outlook Conference was held last week at the beautiful Westin North Shore in Wheeling, IL.  I say beautiful because it is one of the nicest hotels that I stay at and it feels like a resort in the midst of North Chicago.

My big takeaway from the day-and-a-half event is that the economy for our fluid power industry and the economy in general is in full recovery mode.  Each of the presenters at this year's Conference shared the same general report on the economy that it continues to increase in terms of both GDP and Industrial Production.  It appears that this trend will continue until at least Spring of 2018.  That could be the inflection point where growth in the economy starts to slow down leading into a very mild recession in 2019.  That is the big takeaway.

This news is backed up by reports from many of the industries served by fluid power technology that the same trend is holding course.  Construction equipment, Mining, Agriculture, Metalworking, and Material Handling equipment are all a growth phase that should continue as projected above.

That is really good news and the fact that any recession seen down the road will be very mild is even better news.  Of course the economy does follow patterns of growth and slowdowns and it is inevitable that we will experience a recession at some point.  Not having anything like the Great Recession on the horizon is welcome news.

The Conference is organized and conducted by the National Fluid Power Association.  You should visit their website for more information at

Monday, August 14, 2017

2017 IEOC

The annual Industry and Economic Outlook Conference operated but the National Fluid Power Association takes place this week at the Westin North Shore in Wheeling, IL.  The NFPA Education Foundation golf outing takes place this afternoon to actually kickoff the event.

The outing is followed by a reception today just to get attendees in the mood for two days of networking and presentation.  The Westin North Shore is a perfect location for the event and has been most accommodating for many years.

The presentations begin on Tuesday with opening remarks followed by IEOC favorite, Alan Beaulieu of the Institute for Trends Research.  His presentation is titled U.S. Market Outlook and its Effect on World Economies.

As always, the IEOC promises to be a benchmark event for the entire year.  I find myself quoting what I learn at the IEOC again and again.  For more information visit the NFPA website

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Join Us in September

We have another great issue planned for the September 2017 issue of Fluid Power World.  As usual, we will be covering all of the fluid power bases with pneumatics, industrial fluid power, mobile hydraulics, a product focus, and our regular monthly departments.

Our Mobile Hydraulics feature article will take a look at the selection and function of reservoirs in mobile systems.  All mobile designers and maintainers should be interested in learning more from this content.

For our Pneumatics feature, we will be doing an overview of pneumatic component and system design with an article on Pneumatics 101.  It is always good to make sure that the basics are covered no matter how technically competent the members of our audience seem to be.

Bulk Handling Systems make up an area of industrial hydraulics that is certainly worthy of consideration in a feature article in this issue.  The power of fluid power gets the job done with accuracy.

The Product Focus in September will be on Hose and Fittings.  This is a broad and very important segment of all fluid power systems.  There are many considerations involved in selecting the proper fluid conveyance components.

Join us in our September issue with your ad.  The closing date for space reservations is August 31, 2017.  Please contact me for consultation about your marketing program.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Every Issue Matters

When our team of editors plans our Editorial Calendar for Fluid Power World for the coming year, several factors are considered.  The most important factor is aways our readers' interest.  We always strive to produce content that will be both informative and interesting to our readers.

We start with a basic outline of topics that will include mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, and industrial hydraulics.  We add to that a specific product spotlight every month.  In our September issue, for example, we feature mobile hydraulics in our planned feature, Reservoir Design For Mobile Systems.  Although this article will attempt to explain the function and importance of reservoirs, is should appeal to all mobile equipment designers and users.

Our Industrial feature for September will be Bulk Handling Applications.  Again, while the article will focus on a particular type of industrial application, it should attract the attention of all in-plant hydraulic and pneumatic designers and users.

Our Pneumatic feature will be more basic as it is titled Pneumatic Design 101.  This leaves our writers and editors open to capture and deliver content that is tutorial in nature and interesting to all pneumatic designers and users.

Our Product Focus for September will be Hydraulic Hose, Fittings and this is a very major product category for fluid power designers, maintainers, and users.  We will only focus on part to the technology but the subject is very broad and will attract the attention of all system designers and maintainers.  

All of this content will get posted to our websites, particularly Fluid Power World where all of our content gets syndicated.

If you are a subscriber to our magazine already, thanks for reading.  If you would like to subscribe, please visit our website for details.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Webinars, live and on demand

When Fluid Power World conducts a webinar on any topic, our audience gets to view it live and then also on demand from our website.

A little earlier this year, we presented a webinar on New Cylinder Optimization presented by the company System Seals.  In this webinar, the presenter, Kurt Sassmannshausen of System Seals, gave a presentation on new analytic tools that substantially extend reliability and increase equipment productivity.

One of our foundations at Fluid Power World is to offer our technical audience the opportunity to receive information in the way that they are most comfortable and our webinars are an example of that promise.  Visit Fluid Power World for more information about upcoming webinars.

If your company would like to present a webinar, please contact me at

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Increase Brand Awareness This Year

No matter how popular digital media and targeted digital programs become, brand awareness is still an integral part of growing a business.  We at Fluid Power World offer opportunities for companies of all sizes to grow brand awareness.

For those companies not currently involved in advertising with us, we still have plenty of time in 2017 to help your company to grow brand awareness.  We can do that with our three remaining print issues of Fluid Power World in September, November, and December.  We can also do that with our banner advertising program where we guarantee the number of impressions your banners will receive from our audience.

We have six websites that are growing in popularity that can all help to grow your company's brand awareness

Hey all fluid power marketers, don't let 2017 slip away with our growing your company's share of mind to fluid power buyers and specifiers all around the country.  Contact me for a special ad program designed to help your business to grow this year and get a competitive advantage for the future.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to ... and What is ...

At Fluid Power World, we offer our audience lots of great content.  It takes the form of the printed word delivered to their mailbox.  It can be content that is packaged in an e-mail and delivered to their inbox.

But it can be a video that they actually watch on YouTube after being directed there by us

Or the content might be found in an interesting "How to" found on one of our websites such as Sealing & Contamination Control Tips, our newest website.

There, you can find very informative "how tos" such as How to Install a Fluid Power Seal.  It seems like a simple subject but one that many in our audience can learn from.  One of the reasons we launched this website was to inform our audience about best practices in sealing and filtration and this article does that.