Friday, January 12, 2018

2018 Fluid Power World Webinar Series

Here is a great way to generate sales leads and interest in your products and company ...  a webinar sponsorship.  This is a turnkey operation where we do the work and get the attention of our audience and send them your sales message.

For our editorial webinars, we invite up to four sponsors to include their logo in all of our e-blasts promoting attendance for our webinars.  We send these invitation out to a list of 45,000 opt-in recipients.

Then, on the day of the live webinar, each sponsor has a 30-second commercial in the webinar with one slide showing their products.  The script is read by our moderator and attendees are invited to access more information about the sponsor.

Sales leads are generated for the sponsors by the registrants of each webinar.  Here is our list of scheduled webinars for 2018:

February:  Hydraulic Troubleshooting

April:  Hydraulic Hose 101

June:  Load Sensing Hydraulics

August:  Selecting and Sizing Proper Fittings

October:  Pneumatic Systems Design

December:  Contamination & Filtration Issues

Let me know if you might be interested in sponsoring one of these webinars.  I will be happy to walk you through the process.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Always Opportunities for Pneumatics

In the February 2018 issue of Fluid Power World, we will feature an article on Pneumatics in Food Processing.  This is part of our continuing coverage of pneumatic technology in the pages of our magazine and on our website, Pneumatic Tips.

In the safe and efficient processing of foods to feed the world, pneumatic technology plays a key role and we will review another example of that in our February issue.

As with all of our articles, this one will appear in our print magazine, on our website, and in our e-newsletter.  We believe in surrounding the engineering audience with information and letting them choose how to receive it.

In another February issue feature, our editors will take a closer look at FRLs.  Filter regulator lubricators (FRLs) take what can be hot, dirty and wet air from a compressor and make it safe for use throughout the other parts of a compressed air system, which can be sensitive to contamination. 

If your company manufactures and sells pneumatic components, this issue has many opportunities for you to market your product surrounded by related content.  Please contact me for more information at

Monday, January 8, 2018

Planning for a Prosperous 2018

We have another great issue planned for the February 2018 issue of Fluid Power World.  As usual, we will be covering all of the fluid power bases with pneumatics, industrial fluid power, mobile hydraulics, a product focus, and our regular monthly departments.

Our Mobile Hydraulics feature article will take a look at the design of Utility Equipment applications.  All mobile designers and maintainers should be interested in learning more from this content.

For our Pneumatics feature, we will be doing an overview of food processing equipment where reliability and versatility are critical.  We have a special feature that discusses the selection of Tubing vs. Hose for many fluid power applications.

The Product Focus in December will be on Motors and the second on FRLs.  These are two very important components and our coverage will shed some light on what they are all about.

We will be previewing the 2018 Hannover Fair where a large display of international fluid power components will be available to audiences from across the world.   This year’s event will again feature fluid power technology.

Integrated advertising programs are the best so combining print advertising with web banners, e-newsletter ads, webinars, and e-blasts produces the best results.  Ask me about our “Sweeten the Deal” offer for 2018.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

What is ...? What are ...?

Last year, Fluid Power World rolled out a new instructional video series titled What is?  and here is the latest installment about Test Fittings.  Here is the link

At WTWH Media, we continue to make the claim that we surround the engineer and other technical buyer with useful information delivered across many platforms.  Video is just one of them and this series is an example of how we serve content.

If your company would like to participate, please let me know.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Hannover Fair

The 2018 Hannover Fair will once again feature fluid power exhibits at the famous Hannover Messe in Germany this April.  Here is a link to the website link for the world's leading trade show for industrial technology.

We will be promoting this big event in the February issue of Fluid Power World with a preview of the fair as we have done in the past.  This is a very exciting venue for our technology and it will make for great editorial in February.

Also coming in February will be a product focus on hydraulic motors and a focus on FRLs, both essential components to the productive operation of fluid power systems.  We will take a look at what they are all about.

Here is a question for all designers:  Should I use Tubing or Hose?  This is an important question that must be answered by builders of all mobile equipment machines.

Answers and guidance will be provided in our February issue..

These are three great reasons to advertise in the February 2018 print issue of Fluid Power World.  If you have any questions on the specifics of how your company can participate, please contact me at

Friday, December 29, 2017

Expansion is key to success

In growing a business, standing still is not an option.  I have learned from many years in the business world that you must keep moving forward to sustain and grow a business.  Protect your core business and customers while stimulating growth, but you must do both.

That is why marketing and advertising are so important to companies.  It is one thing to know and protect your core of business and accounts but companies must grow to survive.  That is where stimulating growth comes in.

At Fluid Power World, we help companies to reach new customers and prospects while also sending their sales message to core customers.  By regularly sending your sales message out the right audience with the right frequency, a company can indeed stimulate growth but it takes time and patience.

That is why I recommend an integrated advertising program to all of my clients.  Use print advertising and banner advertising on our websites to build and maintain brand awareness.  Use e-mail, e-blast, white papers, and webinars to generate sales leads from new prospects.  Use our Fluid Power Technology Conference to meet face-to-face with existing and prospective customers.

We have the tools to make a great custom advertising package for any company in the fluid power industry.  Please contact me for help in putting together a program for 2018 at

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Coming in February

I know that it is not even January yet, not the New Year.  But, the first 2018 issue of Fluid Power World will be our February issue and there is a lot to talk about there!

For starters, we will feature Mobile Hydraulics in Utility Applications.  As regular attendees at the ICUEE Show in Louisville (International Construction Utility Equipment Expo), we have picked up many application stories that we would like to share with our audience.

If you never visited the ICUEE Show, then you can find out more about it by visiting their website.  The show will take place again in 2019 but we have some great reviews from the past show.

Tubing vs. Hose -  is a question that will be addressed in our February 2018 issue of Fluid Power World.  We already have lots of great content on the subject on our Hose Assembly Tips website and I invite you to visit there for the latest product information.

Next, we will review Pneumatics in Food Processing.  If you have not yet visited Pneumatic Tips for product reviews and application stories, give it a try.

Our Product Focus for February will be about motors and FRLs, two very important components.  Our editors will take a closer look at both.

Finally, we will preview the Hannover Fair, one of the largest displays of fluid power components anywhere in the world.  Here is a link for more information.

So, as you can see, Fluid Power World has a lot to offer our readers and advertisers in February.  Please join us as an advertiser.  Contact me for more information.