Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Busy Time of the Year

I have probably written this before but this is a very busy time of the year.  Let alone the preparation and celebration of the holidays, this is a hectic time for media professionals.

First of all, I wish all of my readers and all of my customers a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my posts.  I always try to share useful content that is in some way centered around the fluid power industry and all of the markets served.  If you are a regular reader, thank you for your support!!!

If you are a customer of Fluid Power World, thank you so much for making this magazine and digital media network a big success.  Please let me know how I can serve you best in the coming year!

It remains a very busy time though because most of my customers are preparing their 2018 marketing programs now and I have attempted to contact everyone who might be interested in advertising in 2018.  If you have any questions regarding how we can increase your brand awareness while generating sales leads, please send me a message at mference@wtwhmedia.com

Monday, November 6, 2017

Finish 2017 Strong

This year has been a fairly good one for the fluid power industry.  Some companies may say that it has been a very good year!

We still have one more print issue of Fluid Power World coming up and that is our December issue.  I invite all of our advertisers and prospective advertisers to finish the year strong with a special advertising package that I have put together.

Here is our lineup :

Mobile Hydraulics – Construction Equipment, the largest user of hydraulics will be examined here.  There are many interesting stories involving construction equipment and a new chapter will be unveiled in December.
Pneumatics  - Packaging equipment designs are studied in this issue.  Packaging equipment represents one of the biggest users of pneumatic components.
Industrial Systems – Integrating IoT with fluid power systems for maximum performance is the planned topic.  The Internet of Things offers efficiency and productivity for fluid power systems.
Product FocusPneumatic cylinders and hydraulic pumps will  be explained in this issue.

Please contact me about our special package that will help your company to finish the year strong!

Friday, November 3, 2017

Websites Designed to Serve

Our Fluid Power digital media network consists of five websites and the network is designed to serve the informational needs of our engineering audience.  It all starts with great content and I would like to share some of that with you now.

From our newest website, Sealing & Contamination Control Tips, here is an article that explains Beta Ratio.  What is Beta Ratio?  To any reader with an interest in fluid power filtration, this article will have meaning.  This is the entry point into our digital media network for those individuals.

One of our websites is dedicated to hose, fittings, assemblies, quick couplings, crimpers, saws, and everything that makes fluid conveyance possible.  Hose Assembly Tips features articles such as How do you clean hydraulic hose assemblies?  This is the where technical fluid power buyers and specifiers enter our digital media network.

All of the content found on our websites including the two listed above along with Pneumatic Tips, and Mobile Hydraulic Tips, is syndicated to our Fluid Power World website making access to great fluid power content easy.

Visit our digital media network today for information on all aspects of fluid power technology.  Our websites are designed to serve the information needs of our audience of fluid power engineers and technicians with a need for current information.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Helping with advertising strategy and providing solutions

In order to best serve fluid power manufacturers and distributors with their marketing and advertising plans and strategy, it is very important to understand the products made and sold by the individual client with which we are working.  I have been the Publisher of Fluid Power World magazine and digital media network for the past 3 years and this has been my standard method of providing service.

Marketing and advertising strategy depends a lot on a company’s market position, sales channels, budget, and intentions on how to grow their sales.  In working with a fluid power client, I like to gather all of this information before making a recommendation.  Every advertiser is at least a little bit different and our media network offers solutions for every one of them.

Fluid Power World offers several means for reaching qualified buyers and specifiers of fluid power components and related products.  We surround the engineer with information allowing our advertisers to choose the media that will work best for them.  I consult with every advertiser to build the most efficient and effective advertising plan possible.

We have a very strong team of editors and they are supported by contributors with many years of experience in fluid power.  We use all of these content providers in our print magazine, websites, e-newsletters, and many forms of sponsored content.  Finding the right mix of media for any client is the result of consultation and matching solutions with needs.

Please contact me for assistance in putting together your 2018 marketing program for your fluid power components, services, or related products.  Our Fluid Power World network will increase your brand awareness while generating sales leads.  

Friday, October 27, 2017

Quarterly Report on the Fluid Power Economy

If your company is a member of the National Fluid Power Association NFPA, then you will receive quarterly reports done by the Institute for Trends Research, ITR, for NFPA members.  This is very useful information because, as the name indicates, trends in the economy are reported on a regular basis.

As Fluid Power World is a member of NFPA, I receive these reports and find them very useful.  In addition to the information learned at the annual Industry & Economic Outlook Conference held in Wheeling, IL every August, I get updates throughout the year.  There are also quarterly webcast updates of economic information done by ITR for NFPA members.

The latest report for the third quarter of 2017 shows very solid economic conditions for the fluid power industry with accelerating growth for hydraulic and pneumatic components at a 12.3% rate for this year.  While there will be a slowdown coming in growth, the forecast is for another positive plus growth year for fluid power components in 2018.

From my prospective as the Publisher of Fluid Power World magazine and digital media network, I strongly recommend to all fluid power component manufacturers to continue advertising to take advantage of the current strong economy and to gain an advantage leading into the next slowdown.

I can help you to put together advertising plans for 2018.  Just give me a call or send me an e-mail at mference@wtwhmedia.com.  We have great plans for next year and together we can help your company's sales to grow.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Our Conference is coming together for 2018

The Fluid Power Technology Conference will be held on May 15-16, 2018 at the Kern Center at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee.  Since our 2017 conference this past May, we have been holding regular meetings with our committee of advisors.  Our intention is to take what we have established with this event and continue to make it better.

Some of the ideas that we have discussed for next year include having more panel discussions, including users and customers on some of the manufacturers' seminar presentations, and having a panel titled Women in Fluid Power.  All of these ideas are starting to take shape.

Additionally, we will be hosting a Fluid Power Basics day of training on Monday, May 15, 2018 conducted by the faculty at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  There will be tours of the Fluid Power Institute Lab and the Rapid Prototyping Center.  We are searching for a manufacturer partner to hose an off-site tour as well.

So our efforts to make the event even better for our attendees is starting so show results.  For more information on our event, please refer to our event website.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Integrated programs are best

As we approach the end of the year, one of the very important phases of a marketing plan for most fluid power companies takes place now.  Marketing professionals are planning their 2018 marketing ad advertising strategies.

I would like to offer some advice to them and that is that integrated advertising programs are best.  Print, web, e-mail, and custom media program work best when they are all used together.  Our promise at WTWH Media is that we surround the engineers seeking up-to-date information with the very content they are seeking.

Surrounding them with many forms of content is the best way to reach fluid power buyers and specifiers.  Our programs do just that.

If you would like help with your 2018 advertising strategy, please let me know.  I can help.

At Fluid Power World, we offer an excellent magazine, six websites, six e-newsletters, custom sponsored content, and a ever-widening social media network.  Let us put this network to work for  your company.