Selecting and Sizing Fittings

Next up in our line of Fluid Power World webinars in 2018 will be Selecting and Sizing Proper Fittings in August.  After a very successful Load Sensing Hydraulics webinar conducted early this month, we are excited to present this new topic in April.

In case you are not familiar with our webinar series, may I direct you to our webinar page on our Fluid Power World website.  There you will find several webinars that are archived and available for viewing on-demand.  You will also be able to register shortly for the August fittings webinar.
We believe in the importance of fittings in any hydraulic or pneumatic system and that is why we devote pages to this topic in our annual Fluid Power Handbook as well as application stories in many issues of Fluid Power World magazine.

We also have an entire website devoted to fittings, hoses, couplings, and all fluid power connectors called Hose Assembly Tips.

I invite you to visit that website often for answers about proper sizing of fittings and wh…

A Strong Second Half of 2018

Fluid Power World offers our advertisers many opportunities to finish 2018 strong.  I know that it is only mid-year but now is the time to plan for a prosperous second half.  We have three excellent print issues including August, October, and December.  Here is what we have planned:

August Fluid Power World Agricultural Equipment Fluid power systems play a vital role in helping farmers to keep the world’s population fed.Here is an examination of some applications. Machine Tools One of the largest markets for industrial hydraulic and pneumatic components is machine tools. Packaging Applications Getting products to market in a clean, safe, and attractive package is a key function of packaging and pneumatics plays a big role. Product Focus: Gauges and Filters Gauges help machine operators to maintain optimal performance and filters keep the fluid clean.
Advertising closing date July 31, 2018
October Fluid Power World The Future of Telematics Like all other markets, fluid power takes advantage of the IO…

Check out this amazing webinar!

Today, Fluid Power World conducted a webinar titled Load Sense Hydraulics Simplified.  If you had a chance to attend, I am sure you will agree that it was very informative.  Our presenter, Carl Dyke, always does a super job with our webinars.

All of our webinars are hosted on our Fluid Power World website for quite a long time.  If you did not have the chance to attend today, here is the link for the on demand webinar

After viewing this webinar, you will be able to: Describe load sense system functionsExplain basic setup and adjustment proceduresDetermine the type of load sense fault that may be occurringCheck out this and all of our Fluid Power Webinars.  Like our print and online content, webinars will inform and educate you on all matters relating to fluid power technology.

Mobile Hydraulics Special Advertising Package

If you have been reading Fluid Power World for any amount of time, you know that we cover mobile hydraulic technology regularly in the magazine.  Coming in our August and December issues of Fluid Power World, we will have a spotlight on Agricultural Equipment and Mining Equipment respectively.

On the agricultural side, fluid power systems play a vital role in helping farmers to keep the world's population fed.  In August, our editors will take a look at some interesting applications.  On the mining side the power and force needed in very harsh environments such as mines, can best be achieved through the use of hydraulics.  This market has shown signs of recovery and we will take a look at some applications in December.

We also have a website titled Mobile Hydraulic Tips and it is dedicated to mobile technology across all mobile markets.  Here is a link  We update this website regularly with press releases about mobile components as well as application stories in all of the mobile …

Let Us Put Together the Right Package

At Fluid Power World, we have many tools to help our clients to send their product information and sales message to interested prospective customers as well as existing customers.  The best usage of our services is to package together the right combination of media tools to optimize your marketing efforts.

It all starts with our print magazine

Every issue is full of interesting and informative fluid power content.  Our readers keep coming back because of the quality of the content.  We offer seven issues per year and they are all balanced in topics to include pneumatics, mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics, and product spotlights.

We offer five websites

Included in this mix are Fluid Power World, Pneumatic Tips, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, Sealing & Contamination Tips, and Hose Assembly Tips.  If your company sells fluid power components, there is a place for your product information and banner advertising on our websites.
Five e-newsletters are sent out every month to our opt-in …

Don't Let Your Sales Go Sour This Summer

And that is exactly what an integrated marketing program from Fluid Power World will help your company to avoid. Through a regular program of print ads, web ads, e-newsletters, e-blasts, webinar sponsorships, social media management, and PPC management, we will help your company to refresh your marketing efforts during the Summer.
Just as a refreshing glass of lemonade helps you to enjoy the Summer heat, an ad program with us will help your company to endure any market challenges. Please take a look at our many opportunities that, when combined at any level, forms a powerful method of putting your sales message into the hands of buyers and specifers of fluid power components and systems.

In the same way, let’s work together to celebrate a refreshed approach to promoting your interesting product and capabilities information about your company in the many markets covered by our media programs. I invite you to connect with me at any time for consultation on the integrated program that will…

2018 Fluid Power Handbook

It's that time of year again.  We just published our 2018 Fluid Power Handbook from Fluid Power World magazine and digital media network.

Click on the image above for a link to the digital edition of this Handbook.  Fluid power technology is used in many markets including packaging, off-highway, mining, offshore/marine, material handling, construction, aerospace, automation, robotics, and entertainment.  We cover application stories in those markets in all the other issues of Fluid Power World.  In this one, the Fluid Power Handbook, we focus on the components that make the machinery work in each of these markets.
Fluid power systems are comprised of components that include pumps, cylinders, valves, hose, fittings, gauges, sensors, filters, seals, and reservoirs.  Those are the components covered in our annual Handbook edition and presented for our readers' continuing education.
If you find the information useful in this Handbook, I invite you to also access our five websites …