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Our Fluid Power Technology Conference will be held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering on May 14-16, 2018.  We have really great sessions planned.

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We have three full days of educational sessions, state-of-the-art exhibits, networking opportunities, and much more planned.

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Here is a quick preview of another expert session planned for the May 14-16, 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference in Milwaukee at MSOE.
The presenting company is HBC- Radiomatic and the presenter will be Jamie Sanderson of that exhibiting company.  We are thrilled to offer the stage for HBC-Radiomatic to inform and educate our audience at the FPTC.
Here is a look:
Wireless Safety
Time and time again, everyone involved in commercial and industrial products will hear the phrase “Safety First.” To some, it’s just a simple line thrown around because “that’s what you’re supposed to say.” To others, safety drives innovation and product development. One of the primary functions of an industrial radio remote control is to locate an equipment operator in a safe area while being in complete command of that machinery from a remote position. We will review local and international standards regarding safety and radio remote control operation. Additionally, we will have a look into the best practices…

Great Topics and Presentations Planned

Here is some more insight into our upcoming Fluid Power Technology Conference scheduled for May 14-16, 2018 at MSOE in Milwaukee.  We have greatly increased the number of participants in this event from the 2017 Conference which was very good.

Our lineup of seminar presentations has increased to include topics of interest for our attendees and here is a quick review of the presentation go be given by Thomas Magnete:

Electrification of Mobile Hydraulic Control Systems

Presented by:

OEMs and 1st tier suppliers worldwide buy their valves and electrohydraulic pilot control systems from Thomas-Magnete's Mobile Hydraulics division. We supply valves in various sizes, units, and mechatronic systems for precise control of the valves, pumps, clutches, and other components of customer systems.


Mark Jankowski
Technical Director
Thomas US

Make plans to join us for this educational event with many networking opportunities.  You can register with the link below.

FAMIC to present at 2018 FPTC

I would like to continue to call your attention to our sponsors and presenters at the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference scheduled for May 14-16, 2018 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering,

Here is another preview and this one features FAMIC

Creating Flexible Interactive Training Material with Automation Studio

To assist teachers deliver course content in a flexible and intuitive way, Famic Technologies has developed with its design and simulation software Automation Studio™ a customizable tool to create interactive training material. This tool is applicable to hydraulics, pneumatics and electrical technologies and offers multimedia platform for course, lab, exercise, procedure, evaluation to test students’ knowledge retention level. In this practical demonstration, attendees will discover all the flexibility and practicality of this tool, all of which will help students be much more efficient once they move to the hands-on lab.


Denis Lenoble
Product Manager for Automation St…

Here is another preview

Here is another preview of the excellent content that will be presented from the stages of the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference:
Give Your Cylinder a Bath: Hydraulic System Cleanliness From the Cylinder and Beyond
Presented by:

In the fluid power industry, hydraulic cylinders have a reputation for contributing to fluid contamination and the resultant wear and failures. Indeed, there are several opportunities in the process of manufacturing cylinders for contamination to be introduced. However, it is possible to overcome the obstacles and provide a product that meets the customer's hydraulic cleanliness expectations. We will share some lessons we have learned in our journey which will be relevant for all aspects of our industry: component manufacturers, OEMs, end users, and service & repair.

Tony Casassa
Application Engineer
Aggressive Hydraulics

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Previewing some of the presentations at our Fluid Power Technology Conference

We have many great presentations scheduled for the stages of the Fluid Power Technology Conference scheduled for May 15-16 in Milwaukee at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  I will be previewing some of these informative sessions in the coming weeks.  Here is the first:

Choosing the Right Quick Connect Coupling for Your Application

Many times, the attributes of a quick connect coupling is overlooked when incorporating it into a hydraulic, pneumatic or fluid system design. In order to avoid changing the dynamics of your system performance and safety, selecting the optimal quick connect couplings critical. It is imperative to pay attention to coupling fundamentals like size, pressures, flows and pressure drops. CEJN, a manufacturer of quick connect coupling solutions, will illustrate key practices in choosing the right coupling for the right application, ultimately optimizing system safety, efficiency and performance.

Register today to attend this very important and educational fluid po…

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