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2016 Fluid Power Technology Conference

You won't have to hear from me encouraging you to attend the 2016 Fluid Power Technology Conference as is is just about over.  It was a fun and very informative first event for Fluid Power World magazine and digital network.

We had about 130 people in attendance at our inaugural conference and the content was fantastic.  You can still refer to our website Fluid Power Technology Conference for details on all of the presentations.

The event started on June 21 with an opening keynote session presented by Aleksandar Egelja, Engineering Manager - Advanced Engineering, Caterpillar.  It was closed by a keynote from Tom Wanke of the Fluid Power Institute at MSOE.  His topic was Importance of Contamination Control in Hydraulic Systems.

In between there were 19 excellent sessions presented by our sponsors and exhibitors, as well as educators at MSOE,  and our own contributing editor, Carl Dyke of CD Industrial Group.  The second day of the event was kicked off with a keynote presentation by…

So excited!!!

Aside from the fact that the Cleveland Cavaliers are the new NBA Champions, we are also very excited for the start of the 2016 Fluid Power Technical Conference taking place at the Milwaukee School of Engineering on June 21 and 22.  The podium is set for our first speaker tomorrow.

From this podium, lots of great fluid power content will be conveyed to a very interested audience of engineering and mechanical specialists.  They will fill the seats to learn more about various aspects of fluid power technology.

You still have time to attend.  For more information, visit our FPTC website.  You can register onsite.

Sign up for our free tours

As our event, the 2016 Fluid Power Technical Conference, gets underway in Milwaukee next week, we are offering two free tours on the first morning.  One is the Grohmann Museum of art and the other is the Rapid Prototyping Center of the Fluid Power Institute at MSOE.

Here is a link for full information on the event
The Fluid Power Technology Conference debuts in Milwaukee
At this link, you will find a more in-depth preview of what to expect at MSOE and also find the registration page which is very simple.  We hope to see you there!

Still more reasons to attend

One week from today, we open the 2016 Fluid Power Technical Conference in Milwaukee at MSOE. You can still register to attend.


Gain insight into energy saving in pneumatic systems at the Fluid Power Technology Conference Learn all about cyclical testing in fluid power 

Fluid Power Institute/Rapid Prototyping Center Tours 
Summer is a beautiful time in Milwaukee.  What better way to spend a few days in June but learning from the fluid power experts!  See you there I hope.

More reasons to attend

Here is a continuation of my posts about our upcoming Fluid Power Technology Conference happening next week.  We have some really informative sessions planned from the stage of the FPTC.

Learn how dynamic simulation can improve your hydraulic designs
Common quick disconnect issues—and their solutions

Learn the roadmap to an Application Specific Hydraulic Cylinder

I will be posting more information about our Conference throughout the week.  You still have time to register in advance

Some specific reasons to attend

As I have been posting for the past few weeks, we are getting close to the dates of our 2016 Fluid Power Technology Conference being held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering on June 21 and 22.  Here is a link where you can get full information and register.

Now I would like to bring to your attention some of the very specific information that we have been posting on our websites and e-newsletters in our digital network about some of the specific reasons for attending this conference:

Optimizing your hydraulic cylinder designs

Learn how to optimize your fluid power distributor relationship

An option for radically smaller reservoirs
I will be posting more soon!  Join us in Milwaukee for two days of great seminars and exhibits of innovative fluid power components.

More pneumatic solutions, this time vacuum

I want to direct your attention to a really great article edited by Ken Korane in our May issue of Fluid Power World.  The article is titled A Lego-like pneumatic solution for customized machines and the article was contributed by the manufacturer Schmalz, Inc.

Vacuum is a special area of pneumatic technology and we cover it in our magazine and on our websites Fluid Power World and Pneumatic Tips.  Making systems more efficient and more productive are goals for any OEM Design Engineer and the content found in our magazine and in our digital network provide just that kind of educational content.
This article gives a great overview of vacuum products and how they are integrated into a system for the food packaging and processing industry.  Take a look at this and all of the articles found in our May issue.  If you like what you read there, please consider subscribing to our magazine and to our e-newsletters.

We strive to provide our audience with the very best and latest fluid power con…


We have a great lineup of editorial webinars scheduled for 2016,  Our next event will be held on June 15, 2016 and the title is Considerations for Pneumatic Valve Selection.  The presenter will be our Contributing Editor, Carl Dyke.

Here is a brief summary of what to expect:

Focusing primarily on directional control valves, the webinar participant will learn to: Select between poppet and spool style valvesSize the valve correctlyChoose the correct porting arrangementAnalyze valve operator and piloting optionsYou can resister for this event by clicking here
The June webinar is sponsored by Clippard Instrument Laboratory,Inc. and Master Pneumatic.  We thank them for their sponsorship.

Later in the year, we will be hosing three more editorial webinars :
August – Seals for fluid power applications October – Dealing with contamination (Part 1) December – Solutions for contamination (Part 2)

All About Cylinders

I have been around the fluid power industry for a long time.  One of the first technical facts that I learned is that cylinders are critical work-performing components in many hydraulic systems and that their optimal functioning is essential to productive machinery and equipment.

Fluid Power World shares some basic but very important facts about hydraulic cylinders in a current article titled 12 Tips for Better Cylinder Selection.  You can find this article in our May issue and on our websites Fluid Power World and Mobile Hydraulic Tips where you can also find other articles on the subject of cylinders.

The article covers all aspects of selecting hydraulic cylinders for an OEM design including choosing the right cylinder type, selecting the proper mountings, piston rod diameter, matching seals to the job, and even protecting the rod.
The article is written by Marty Hegyi of Bosch Rexroth Corp. and edited by Ken Korane of our team.  Our goal is always to provide our audience with the mo…

Fluid Power Technology Conference coming in two weeks

I hope that you will consider attending the Fluid Power Technology Conference being held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering on June 21 ands 22.
Here is where you can register and find more information
Register Here

Reliability in Industrial Hydraulics

One of the main feature articles scheduled for the August issue of Fluid Power World is about Reliability in Industrial Hydraulics.  Most of the applications that use hydraulic systems in plants across the world use great force to move loads or form and cut metal or other materials.  With such pressures and force in use, reliability is critical.  We will exam amine some of these applications in our August issue of Fluid Power World.

For our 13,000 print edition readers, this information will be delivered to their mailbox.  For our 100,000 digital recipients, it will be sent to their inbox.  Then the content for this upcoming article will appear on our Fluid Power World website and in our Fluid Power Direct e-newsletter.  We surround the engineer with our content.
If you are interested in subscribing to our print or digital issue, please visit our website.  You can also find our subscription page for our e-newsletters.

The fluid power economy should start improving

I attended a recent NFPA economic update webinar as I usually do.  If your company is a member of the National Fluid Power Association, then you should check out their free webinars.  For more information, visit the NFPA website.

The speaker on the webinar was John Murphy of ITR Economics and he did a very fine job of presenting his views on the economy as it relates to the fluid power industry.  ITR is the regular presenter of the quarterly NFPA economic update webinars.  The big economic event hosted by the NFPA is the annual Industry and Economic Outlook Conference in August and you can also find more information about that on their website.

My key takeaway from May 26th presentation is that we are beginning to see "green shoots" in the industry and the markets served by fluid power technology.

With this being their Spring webinar, the image was very fitting.  We are beginning to see the very early signs of recovery in some of the larger consuming markets for fluid power t…

Mining Machinery in August Fluid Power World

While the mining machinery market has been facing many headwinds in recent years, it remains a significant market for fluid power components.

That is why our magazine, websites, and e-newsletters continue to include product reviews and application stories about components and systems for mobile machinery used in mining applications. We will again feature this very important industry in our August 2016 issue.

If your company sells fluid power components used in mining machinery, consider an advertising program that starts with the August issue of Fluid Power World and then continues with our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website and our Mobile Hydraulic Tips e-newsletter.  We will help your company to gain brand recognition for your products while generating sales leads too!
Our August issue will also preview the MINEXPO Show scheduled for September 26-28 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Mining must continue!  Consider our August issue, contact me for details at

Just Another Important Reminder

Register Here
Our Fluid Power Technology Conference will take place on June 21 and 22 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee.  It will consist of one and a half days of great fluid power seminar sessions, exhibits of fluid power components and systems, tours, lunch, breakfast, happy hour, and more.
Sign up now to ensure your spot at this very interesting and informative event.  It will be held at the Kern Center on the campus of MSOE.  There will be tours of the fluid power lab at the Fluid Power Institute as well as the Grohmann Museum of Art.

Join us and our sponsors at the Fluid Power Technology Conference.  You will be able to take away useful information about system design, component tutorials, and great networking.  Please contact me if you have any questions

A great combination for seals and filtration

We have something special to offer companies that manufacture seals and/or filtration products.  We are launching our new website Sealing & Contamination Control Tips to cover these two very special areas of fluid power.  Additionally, we will offer e-newsletters on this same combination of topics.

Add to that our two-part webinar presentation coming up in October and December on the topic of contamination control and you have a powerful media package for promoting filtration devices.
October 16Dealing with contamination sources - Part 1 presented by Carl Dyke one of our contributing editors
December 16Solutions for particle contamination - Part 2 also presented by Carl Dyke
Our editorial webinars offer marketers of fluid power components the opportunity to sponsor the presentation.  For one price, you get a logo on all of the lead generation promotion and a slide within the webinar.  The names of the attendees are then forwarded to the sponsor.
We still have plenty of time on this …

I know it is only June 1 ...

... but consider joining us in August.

At Fluid Power World, we report on complete fluid power systems and all of the components involved to make them work.The only way to design, maintain, and operate an efficient and productive machine or vehicle is by understanding the whole system.
All of our excellent content furthers the fluid power education of our audience members.Your advertising embedded in our content is the very best way to raise the awareness of your company and brand.We will also generate sales leads for your sales team through our network.
We offer a unique approach to marketing your products to our engineering audience using print and digital media to surround our reader/user with excellent content received in the method of delivery that they prefer including print, digital, or both.
Our digital network includes six websites and e-newsletters.  The content that we publish is leveraged across all of our media outlets.
We will deliver measurable results with our digital …