All About Cylinders

I have been around the fluid power industry for a long time.  One of the first technical facts that I learned is that cylinders are critical work-performing components in many hydraulic systems and that their optimal functioning is essential to productive machinery and equipment.

Fluid Power World shares some basic but very important facts about hydraulic cylinders in a current article titled 12 Tips for Better Cylinder Selection.  You can find this article in our May issue and on our websites Fluid Power World and Mobile Hydraulic Tips where you can also find other articles on the subject of cylinders.

The article covers all aspects of selecting hydraulic cylinders for an OEM design including choosing the right cylinder type, selecting the proper mountings, piston rod diameter, matching seals to the job, and even protecting the rod.

The article is written by Marty Hegyi of Bosch Rexroth Corp. and edited by Ken Korane of our team.  Our goal is always to provide our audience with the most useful and interesting content possible and with this article we have done just that.

So whether is is all about cylinders or all about valves, or all about FRLs, we offer the information in our magazine and on our digital network.  I invite you to subscribe to our print magazine, digital edition, and 5 e-newsletters to keep informed on "all about fluid power."

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