I have written about this book before, called Knock Your Socks Off Service.  I have revisited it several times and each time I learn more.  Being in a service mode with customers is common sense but this book makes many points about how to best carry that out.

Being in service mode all the time is really difficult and is probably only possible if you incorporate that into your way of living.  If you make it a regular practice of making service to others a way of life, then Knock Your Socks Performance not only becomes possible but it comes naturally.

This is not to say that the content of this book is not important, it is very important.  Day-to-day practices of providing excellent service to others requires attention to details of personality,  use of words in conversation, readiness to serve, and a variety of other characteristics and practices.

Incorporating service, Knock Your Socks Off Service, into your standards of living can lead to using this approach toward everyone and every situation.  This will not only benefit everyone you contact but you as well.

Even though our markets for fluid power have been challenged over the past year of so, maintaining a policy of excellent service still applies as a standard practice.  When things improve, the companies who have continued to provide excellent service will benefit even more than their competitors who do not.

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