What solutions do your products provide ..... what solutions are you seeking?

Every fluid power component manufacturer and every fluid power distributor has a story to tell about every one of their products.  In some way, their products provide solutions for better OEM designs of machinery and equipment or better maintenance solutions.  The salespeople for these companies tell these solution stories every day.

Now, we are providing a stage from which they can tell their story.  It is called the Fluid Power Technical Conference and it will take place on June 21 and 22 in Milwaukee at MSOE.

WTWH Media and Fluid Power World magazine and digital network will host the inaugural event on at the Kern Center at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  If your company would like to tell its solution story from our stage and have a booth in the conference room where the event is presented, then please contact me for more information at mference@wtwhmedia.com

On the other hand, if your company is seeking solutions for better designs or more reliable maintenance of machinery and equipment powered by fluid power technology, then this event is for you as an attendee.  The cost is $250 for the two-day and  you will be able to register online shortly.

The cost of admission includes all of the seminar sessions presented from the stage and from our secondary classroom.  It will also include lunch and a reception on the first day and breakfast and lunch on the second day.  You will have plenty of time to network with industry professionals from the solution provider companies.  Until we have the final touches done on our registration website, you can also contact me for more information.

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