Investing in People

What does that mean, Invest in People?  Well, it means a lot of things.  When you think of investing, you generally think of placing money into something.  Well, this is true for people too.  We can certainly invest in our family members, we can help those in need, and we can certainly help public causes like taxes for education.  Those things are all a part of investing in people.

Equally important or maybe more so is the investment of time.  Giving your time to those who need it is a huge investment in people.  This is especially true when you feel that you have the need to do something else with your time.  Maybe you have another agenda.  Not only does that investment of time help the other person, it helps you.

There is more though.  Investing your confidence in others iis priceless.  Being able to offer encourgement to others is an investment in people.  Building up rather than tearing down, offering support rather than envy and confrontation are forms of investing.

Investing in people could very well be your best investment.  Whether you are a manager or a co-worker, investing in those you work with will pay dividends for both you and the other person.

At Fluid Power World, our company, WTWH Media LLC, has invested in us and in our business.  We continue to invest our time and talents to the magazine and digital network and to each other.  I hope that you are currently reading our magazine and using our digital network.  If not, let me know if I can help you to get started.

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