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Pressure Gauges @PneumaticTips

If you have not had a chance to check our our PneumaticTips website, please do.  We currently are featuring an article about pressure gauges by our Contributing Editor, Josh Cosford.  This fairly simple device is essential to efficient operation of both pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

This article can also be found on page 59 of our first ever Fluid Power World just fresh off the presses.  If you are interested in reading more great content from Josh Cosford, go to this link to subscribe to our magazine.

You can also subscribe to our e-newsletters for up-to-date fluid power information on hydraulics, pneumatics, hose assemblies, and more.  We offer many great fluid power resources.

Learning by Video

There are many ways to learn including visual and auditory as well as by experience.  One great resource that we offer at Fluid Power World is our video library.  We have an ever growing collection of videos about fluid power components provided by experts from industry.

If video is a key learning tool for you, I invite you to visit our Fluid Power Video Library for great resources on how components work and how they can improve your company's machinery.  If your company manufactures and sells fluid power components, then I encourage you to send me your video for inclusion in our library.

Your company and products will receive attention by a qualified buying audience of engineering professionals.  Just go to Fluid Power World and you will find  many examples.  If your company would like some assistance with video, we can help you.  Just contact me at

The Bounce Back is Good News - GDP

Macro economic news does have an effect on our fluid power industry.  We may not always follow the economic swings exactly but there is a correlation with the overall economy.
That is why today's report on a 4 percent growth in our Gross Domestic Product is such good news.  After a weak first quarter, our economy seems much more robust now.  This should translate to continued strength in markets served by fluid power.
I am no economist, however, Alan Beaulieu is.  You can find out what he projects for the macro and fluid power economy at the 2014 NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference.  The event will be held in Wheeling, IL on August 11-13, 2014.  Visit the NFPA Website for more details.
Our timing is good for the launch of Fluid Power World magazine.  We will have our digital edition available on our websites shortly but feel free to visit now for more fluid power content Fluid Power WorldMobile Hydraulic TipsPneumatic TipsHose Assembly Tips

Fluid Power World

We now have a brand new magazine, Fluid Power World, with the first-ever issue published.  In addition to the main feature articles, we have a Research & Development page.  In our first issue, we have an article from the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) about varying pump flow rates.

Our Association Watch page reports on the Fluid Power Education Foundation and the scholarships they have awarded.  Our new publication now becomes part of the overall fluid power education mix.  We are thrilled to add to the education of engineers.
This new publication also features a distributor update with a report on the 30th Anniversary NAHAD Convention.  This is the Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution.  I had the privilege of attending this meeting with our Editorial Director, Paul Heney.
We will have many great features in coming issues.  If your company sells fluid power components, please consider advertising in our next edition.  Please contact me for detail…

Great News! Our first issue is out!

The first-ever issue of Fluid Power World has been published and sent in the mail to our qualified reading audience.  It is also being sent to our digital subscribers.

This is a very exciting time because our dedicated team of professionals here at WTWH Media LLC have put a great deal of time and effort to produce the very best product possible.  This first issue is full of great fluid power content including mobile hydraulics in mining, variable speed pump drives saving energy, choosing air-driven ejectors, and the importance of durable seals.

We also feature departments on fluid power research & development, associations, distributors, energy efficiency, and much more.  If you would like me to send you a copy of this inaugural issue, please send me a note to

Pneumatic Tips - Think of the whole system

Here is a story that appears on our Pneumatic Tips website about compressed air systems.  It discusses how the consideration of the overall plant needs affects the usage of compressors in the most efficient way.

This particular story is about a printing press which is especially relevant to my business since we do a lot of printing.   Check out how an compressed air audit helped the company in the story to save money on their compressed air generation.  Think of the whole system when designing and maintaining a compressed air system.

The topic of compressed air systems, the components used in the systems, and the efficient operation of the systems are all important enough to us at Fluid Power World and Design World to have a whole website dedicated to pneumatic topics and that is why we offer our audience Pneumatic Tips.

If your company manufactures pneumatic components, please share them with our audience by sending me your press releases to  If you design our…

Our First-Ever Issue is Done

In a few days, we will mail out the first-ever issue of Fluid Power World.  This is an exciting time for our company, WTWH Media LLC, and for me personally.  I am thrilled to be a part of this new launch of a print publication.

Our first issue will include product reviews, association updates, and feature articles.  We will cover mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics, and pneumatics with both tutorial and application content.  The issue will be distributed both through the mail and digitally.

Reporting on fluid power technology to a qualified audience of readers is what we will do.  Perpetuating the knowledge of fluid power is our mission and we will do it very well.  I am very confident of that and I hope that you will join in by subscribing to Fluid Power World.  Please contact me at if you would like more information.


There are many ways for engineers to receive technical information.  One of them is through e-newsletters that are selected by the reader and sent directly to their inbox regularly.  Once the recipient gets notice, they either open, archive until later, or pass it by.  That is true of any media.

At WTWH Media LLC, we offer excellent, content-rich e-newsletters to all of the markets that we serve.  If you company has never tried using e-newsletters as part of your marketing strategy, I really recommend that you give it a try.

Keep in mind that your product information is sent directly to an opt-in, pre-qualified reader.  Most e-newsletter ads now appear as text, looking very similar to editorial content.  They are linked directly to the advertisers' websites for quick connection.

I can help you to choose the best e-newsletter and message for your audience if your products involve fluid power in any way.  Just send me a message at

NFPA Fluid Power Education and Technology Foundation

WTWH Media LLC and Fluid Power World are very proud donors to the NFPA Fluid Power Education and Technology Foundation.  I personally privileged to be on the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  In my decades of involvement with the fluid power industry, I have come to clearly understand the need for fluid power education.

The Foundation contributes in the following areas:

Engaging students at all grade levels to learn more about fluid power technologyThrough the use of tools like fluid power laboratories, it encourages new teaching resources Supports two-year, four-year, and graduate level schools in the research of motion control through fluid powerFostering communication and forums between educators and industry so that ideas and priorities  of mutual interest can be shared If your company is possibly interested in becoming a contributor to fluid power education through the Foundation, please access the Foundation Website for more information.  Whether your company is a component …

Good Tips are Useful

And when it comes to hydraulic or pneumatic hose assemblies, good tips are available from our new website Hose Assembly Tips.  There you will find very useful information like this product review.

If your company makes and sells hydraulic or pneumatic hose, fittings, crimpers, couplings, or any other components that make connections, send us your press releases.  If you use such components, please keep reading and responding.

A focus on seals

As we reported in our 2014 Fluid Power Handbook, "sealing is a vital factor in the proper function of hydraulic applications."  This topic has been important as long as fluid power has been a technology.  Keeping the fluid within the system and keeping contaminants out are the objectives of most sealing products.

This topic is so important to our industry that it will be featured in an article in the very first edition ever of Fluid Power World.

In August 2014, we at WTWH Media will publish the first issue of this magazine that will be devoted to fluid power technology.  It is fitting that seals will be a major topic in the very first edition.  You can also find more information about fluid power sealing in our Fluid Power Handbook.  In this report we review the major seal designs including wipers, rod seals, buffer seals, and wear bands.  We also report on the various material options for seals including polyurethane, NBR. Floua-Rubber, and PTFE.
For additional resources re…

Closing our first-ever issue soon

Book your ad space for the first-ever issue of Fluid Power World.  We will be closing the issue in the next week.  We still have time to include your advertising in our inaugural issue.

The content will include Mobile Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Industrial Hydraulics, and Seals.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 408-769-1188 or

Many Opportunities

If your company sells fluid power components and your goal is to increase sales, I can help you!  I represent Fluid Power World, Design World, and our digital network.  
Give me a call and I will listen to your marketing objectives and put our products to work for your company.  If you have not yet had a chance to review our Fluid Power Handbook please contact me and I will send you a copy

If you have not yet had a chance to review our new website, Fluid Power World, please take a look.  It is getting better every day.  Send us your press releases for publication.
I know that I can help your company.  Please contact me.

Happy Independence Day

I wish all Americans a Happy 4th of July.  This is a great day for our nation and I am very proud of our country.  I hope that you are doing something special with this day.

A Good Financial Report

I was very late in watching the NFPA economic update webcast but I finally did.  And when I did, I was pleased by what I heard.  The information was presented by Andrew Duguay of the Institute for Trends Research, ITR.

If you have ever attended the NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference, you have probably heard a presentation by ITR on the state of the fluid power industry and customer markets.  Usually the presenter is Alan Beaulieu whom I have written about before.

The report was good as presented back in May.  Most indicators are moving up, U.S. industrial production is rising, and NFPA total shipments are back to positive territory compared to a year earlier.  Overall, U.S. industrial production is at a record high.

ITR has upgraded many manufacturing and machinery category forecasts.  Housing and consumer spending could be a potential weakness looking forward.  The logging and mining markets are expected to continue to be some of the strongest growth industries over the ne…

Don't Forget the Crimp

Our new website, Hose Assembly Tips, considers all aspects of hydraulic and pneumatic hose assemblies.  That name will quickly bring to mind all types of hose made of rubber, thermoplastic, and other materials.  It may also cause you to think of stainless steel or brass fittings and quick disconnect couplings.

These are all essentials of good hose assemblies.  Putting fittings and couplings together with hose is also critical to making great connections.  That is why our new website also features crimping machines like this one from O+P

Click here to read more of the details or to make an inquiry.
We also just posted information about another crimping machine from Gates

Again, if you would like more information, click here.  In both cases the manufacturer will be happy to follow up with more information for you.
For more in-depth information about Hose Assemblies, our newly published 2014 Fluid Power Handbook offers sections on fittings and hose with details about the various types ava…

2014 Fluid Power Handbook Digital Edition

I invite you to click here to access our 2014 Fluid Power Handbook by Design World.  You will find an updated and refreshed third edition with great fluid power tutorial content.

In addition to an overview of pneumatic components such as actuators and valves as well as a multitude of hydraulic components, we feature fluid power safety and education.  This information is available in print and online.

We are excited to offer this excellent fluid power content to our fluid power readers.  OEM Design Engineers are always interested in ways to improve their designs to deliver the highest quality, most efficient machinery and equipment to their customers.  Our 2014 Fluid Power Handbook will help them to do just that.