A focus on seals

As we reported in our 2014 Fluid Power Handbook, "sealing is a vital factor in the proper function of hydraulic applications."  This topic has been important as long as fluid power has been a technology.  Keeping the fluid within the system and keeping contaminants out are the objectives of most sealing products.

This topic is so important to our industry that it will be featured in an article in the very first edition ever of Fluid Power World.

In August 2014, we at WTWH Media will publish the first issue of this magazine that will be devoted to fluid power technology.  It is fitting that seals will be a major topic in the very first edition.  You can also find more information about fluid power sealing in our Fluid Power Handbook.  In this report we review the major seal designs including wipers, rod seals, buffer seals, and wear bands.  We also report on the various material options for seals including polyurethane, NBR. Floua-Rubber, and PTFE.

For additional resources regarding sealing technology, I refer you to our Fluid Power World website where you will find a section on Seals.  This section will increase as we add more sealing articles.  We offer many resources for sealing.

If you would like to receive the first issue of Fluid Power World, please contact me at mference@wtwhmedia.com. 

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