Thursday, July 17, 2014

NFPA Fluid Power Education and Technology Foundation

WTWH Media LLC and Fluid Power World are very proud donors to the NFPA Fluid Power Education and Technology Foundation.  I personally privileged to be on the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  In my decades of involvement with the fluid power industry, I have come to clearly understand the need for fluid power education.

The Foundation contributes in the following areas:

  • Engaging students at all grade levels to learn more about fluid power technology
  • Through the use of tools like fluid power laboratories, it encourages new teaching resources 
  • Supports two-year, four-year, and graduate level schools in the research of motion control through fluid power
  • Fostering communication and forums between educators and industry so that ideas and priorities  of mutual interest can be shared
If your company is possibly interested in becoming a contributor to fluid power education through the Foundation, please access the Foundation Website for more information.  Whether your company is a component manufacturer/distributor or user, you will benefit by furthering education to continue to build our workforce.