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Happy Labor Day Fluid Power Workers

On this Labor Day Weekend 2014, I acknowledge all workers in the fluid power industry.  That includes all workers at companies that make fluid power components including engineers, management, support teams, and manufacturing.  It takes a team to produce quality components and these individuals have kept our industry strong.

I also acknowledge everyone in the supply chain including sales professionals representing component manufacturers, distributor sales and management, and independent representatives.  I also include anyone involved in sales of fluid power components and related products in any way.

Happy Labor Day to all professionals who buy and specify fluid power components too!  That includes OEM Design Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, and all involved in the selection and application of fluid power technology.  I include everyone who touches the fluid power industry in every way including all workers in the industry from the shop floor to the design desk to the administrativ…

2015 ...

... will be here soon.  I would like to let all fluid power component manufacturers know that I can help you to increase brand awareness, increase web traffic, generate qualified leads, and grow your business in 2015.

I have the very best fluid power media available to all marketers of fluid power component with Fluid Power World, Design World, and our digital network.

I would like to speak to you about an integrated advertising package that will accomplish all of the above.  Please give me a call to set up discussion at 408-769-1188 or e-mail me at
I look forward to working with you.  In the mean time, please enjoy the rest of 2014!

There is a lot to like about WTWH Media LLC

I am so grateful to be working at WTWH Media LLC and representing Fluid Power World and Design World.

There is a lot to like.  And I love it.

First and foremost, we have a fantastic management team.  Thank you Scott, Mike, and Marshall for your leadership and vision.  It is an honor to work for you!  Second, we have a creative, energetic, fun, and friendly team.  It is a pleasure to work with them!

We also have wonderful media products that really deliver great results for our customers.  Our editorial team is highly qualified and respected.  Our support team is superb.

If I can help you with your 2015 Marketing Plans, I would love to do that.  I have a really super team behind me so I know that I am best equipped to serve your needs.  Just give me a call at 408-769-1188 or e-mail me at

More from It's All Marketing

On August 26th we held our first Marketing Summit called It's All Marketing at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland, OH home of WTWH Media LLC.  Now, we did not need the 72,000 seats at First Energy, just the club level room for our hundred or so guests.

This one-day event featured several speakers who offered insights on various aspects of marketing in the current environment.  One of our speakers was Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Principal of ANNUITAS. His topic was Building the Right Strategy to Ensure Marketing Automation Success.

Here were some of my key takeaways from Carlos:

58% of Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers spend more time researching their purchases than last year41% of B2B buyers stated that they waited longer to initiate contact with a vendor34% of B2B buyers indicated the number of team members involved in a purchase has increased57% of the B2B purchase process was complete before buyers engaged with a vendor Now these facts relate to the main theme of the presentation …

Adapters for Hydraulic Systems

Here is a link to a post about metric adapters from Tompkins Industries from Fluid Power World.  This is our newest website and it was launched in conjunction with our print magazine by the same name.

You can subscribe to our print or digital edition by accessing the subscription link on our website.  This site will be full of content about hydraulics, pneumatics, and hose accessories.  While we have separate websites for each topic, they are all connected to our main website Fluid Power World.

You will find new content every day on our websites.  If your company is a manufacture of any type of fluid power component, like Tompkins, just send us your press release so that we can post it on our websites for our very qualified fluid power audience.

Learn from Josh Cosford at Fluid Power World

It is great to have Josh as a regular contributor to Fluid Power World.  Not only is Josh a very good writer and a knowledgable fluid power professional, he is obviously passionate about fluid power technology, as are we.

Check out this latest post by Josh on Mobile Hydraulic Tips.  You can read his column in every print and digital issue as well.  Having great content is very important but having a real interest in the industry is equally essential to a great magazine or website on fluid power.  Thanks for your contributions Josh.

Content Marketing

One of the speakers at "It's All Marketing" presented by WTWH Media LLC is Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institite.  He does a great job of defining content marketing and explains how and why it can work for your company.

If you have a chance, read his book Epic Content Marketing.  One of the topics he covered was social media.  He asked the question, why are you using each channel.  He challenges each person to understand why they are using FaceBook or Twitter before they do any more content.

He recommends that all content creators creat a Content Marketing Mission Statement.  This was part of Joe's five elements of content marketing.  Joe is a great speaker and if you get a chance to attend the Content Marketing World event, I recommend it.

It's All Marketing

A marketing summit prsented by WTWH Media LLC, gets underway today at First Energy Stadium, home of the Cleveland Browns.

Our first speaker is Mike Murray, Online Marketing Coach.  He is covering the topic of SEO, a complicated topic in our current marketing environment.

We have a full day of excellent speakers and topics about all areas of marketing.  This is our event of this kind and we are off to a great start.

Another great resource for mobile hydraulic technology

Here is a link to our Mobile Hydraulic Tips e-newsletter.  This monthly e-newsletter delivers articles, application stories, and product reviews to our opt-in audience for mobile hydraulics.  If you use hydraulic systems and components for mobile applications, why not sign up for free.

You can sign up for free at our Fluid Power World website by clicking here.  We also offer Pneumatic Tips, Fluid Power World, and Hose Assembly Tips.  If you want to ensure a steady stream of great information being sent to your inbox, feel free to register for our e-newsletters

Fluid Power Big Picture Reported on Mobile Hydraulic Tips

There are many reasons for visiting our website Mobile Hydraulic Tips.  First, we have detailed product information on components that make up mobile hydraulic systems.  Each product review comes with a link to the manufacturers' websites.

We also offer a regular view of the Big Picture on how the industry is doing.  For the June report, simply click here.  I think that you will find it helpful to get a snapshot of the progress of our industry and we provide this regularly.

If you buy and specify hydraulic hose, fittings, or couplings, I invite you to visit Hose Assembly Tips where you will find product review like the one currently showing for Pitek DOT-approved High Temperature hose.

The information is updated daily on Mobile Hydraulic Tips and Hose Assembly Tips. so visit often to  for the latest information available on fluid power components.

Custom Control Devices from Mobile Hydraulic Tips

If you have not yet had a chance to visit our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website, please check it out.  It is full of product information about all aspects of mobile hydraulics.  That is the largest area of fluid power and serves construction, agriculture, mining, and other mobile applications.

Here is a link to a product review from GS Global Resources.  It is a customized operator control interface device.  We offer product reviews on cylinders, pumps, and valves on a regular basis.  This type of device is also critical to efficient operation of mobile equipment.

If your company provides components for mobile equipment, it would be fairly easy to get the posted to this website.  You can start by just sending them to me at

Great, In-Depth Content

At Fluid Power World and the greater Design World digital network, we have in-depth engineering content.  Here is a great example of that.

This article, titled What are PTOs/Gearboxes, takes a subject that may be assumed to have greater understanding and explains how these devices work and contribute to the success of hydraulic systems.  Josh Cosford is one of our Contributing Editors at Fluid Power World and he has not only a great command of fluid power technology, but a way with words.

I invite  you to visit our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website for great content like you will find in this article by Josh.  Our magazine and websites continue to grow with useful fluid power content.  You can send us items like this one for publication if that is your specialty.

Hydraulics is here to stay

I had many key takeaways from the 2014 Industry & Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC) presented by the NFPA last week.  One of the really interesting statements came from Chuck Yengst, a long-time IEOC presenter.

The title of Chuck's presentation was Machinery Market Outlook and it was based on existing economic data and research.  Chuck conducted a survey of the industry beginning in January 2014 by contacting OEMs, component suppliers, and dealers representing OEMs.  He talked to project managers, engineers, market intelligent analysts.

The key takeaway is this Going forward – hydraulics and hydraulic systems will not be replaced, they are here to stay.  That is great news!  As I have been saying for years, as long as we have mobile equipment, we will have hydraulics.

We are here to serve that market with Fluid Power World.

If your company sells fluid power components, please give me a call about our new magazine, websites, e-newsletters, and more.  I will be happy to help yo…

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This idea has really caught on and it is for a very worthy cause, increasing awareness of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, (ALS) and raising funds to find a cure.  The whole idea of the Ice Bucket Challenge is very clever...

... and cold.

Another Great Issue Coming Up!

Well, it was very exciting to publish the first-ever issue of Fluid Power World.  I know that I don't even have to say it but I really love this new magazine!  We have another great issue coming up in October.  If you sell fluid power components and related products, please consider advertising.

If you are an engineer, technician, or supply chain professional involved with fluid power technology, this magazine is for you.  I invite you to go to our Fluid Power World website to sign up for a free subscription.
That website, by the way, is growing every day with fluid power content that you will find both useful and interesting.  One of the things I heard this week at the NFPA Industry & Economic Outlook Conference is that fluid power is here to stay!
But, I already knew that and that is why I am so thrilled to be associated with Fluid Power World and WTWH Media LLC.

Clamps featured on Hose Assembly Tips

If you would like to know more about clamps as they are used in fluid power systems, we have a great post available on Hose Assembly Tips.  The information is provided by ZSI Corp. and I invite you to visit our HAT website and take a look at it.

While you are there, you will find lots of great information about all kinds of fluid connectors including hose, fittings, couplings, and clamps.  If your company manufacturers any of these products, please send me your press release for posting to

Why the Optimum Pump?

We have a lot of very useful information on Mobile Hydraulic Tips.  One of our current posts is about the Optimum Series from Muncie Power Products

Click here where  you will gain some great insights not only about this product but about a variety of components that make up mobile systems.  You can also sign up for our Mobile Hydraulic Tips e-newsletter to have such content delivered directly to you.

Several Good Years Ahead

My key takeaway from the 2014 Industry & Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC) 2014 produced by the NFPA is this, we have several good years ahead.  They may not be great years but they will be good, economically speaking.

One of my favorite economists is Alan Beaulieu of the Institute for Trends Research (ITR).  His talk was titled Prosperity in an Age of Decline.  All of the global leading indicators are still positive and there is still some life left to the recovery.

It looks like the GDP should be positive for the next few years.  The fluid power industry may actually exceed the overall industrial production in the U.S. in the coming years.

John Walker of Oxford Economics, a regular IEOC speaker, is forecasting a positive GDP through 2018.  I think that is great news actually.  The overall Industrial Production Forecast is also strong through 2018.  Many things could change the forecast but it looks good for now.

Golf is fun

It is even better when you play with a great group of guys like David Zimmer, Keith Anderson, and Steve Schaus.  I had the privilege of golfing with these guys at the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation Golf Outing at the Industry and Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC).

If your company is a member of NFPA or if the IEOC is of interest, consider joining the outing to raise funds for fluid power education next year on August 10, 2015 in Wheeling, IL.

Standard or Custom Components

We at Design World and Fluid Power World deliver information to our readers in many forms including print, e-newsletters, and websites.  We also deliver webinars and I want to tell you about a topic coming up on August 27th.

Our presentation is titled Debinking Common Myths About Specifying Special Components and it is sponsored by Nason

For many fluid power applications, off-the-shelf standard products are regularly used and do the job just fine.  However, there are many applications where custom designed components are either preferred or required.  We will be presenting a webinar addressing this topic and you can register by clicking on this link
I hope that you will be joining us for this very informative webinar that will answer many questions about custom components.  It is free to attend.  Please contact me if you have any questions at

2014 NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference

The 2014 event is now complete and it was another excellent conference!  I commend the NFPA staff for putting on a particularly  useful and fun event.

It kicked off on Monday with a golf outing organized by NFPA staff in conjunction with the Suppliers  Council which I have been privileged to chair for the past two years.  It was an honor to MC the cocktail reception that followed the golf outing and I thank the NFPA for that opportunity.

We raised funds for the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation through our greens fees, sponsorships, and 50-50 raffle.  This money goes toward continuing fluid power education, a very worthy cause.

I also had the privilege of golfing with three very fun colleagues, Steve Schauss of Industrial Hard Chrome, Keith Anderson of Anderson Metals, and David Zimmer of Continental Hydraulics.  We did not win the golf tournament but had a great time.

This is one of the best events of the year!

Our new e-newsletter

Here is a link to our new Fluid Power World e-newsletter.  It is full of great fluid power content.

I hope that you will go to our website and sign up to receive it every month.

Please contact me if you would like to place an ad in the next edition.  You can reach me at or 408-769-1188.

Make your reservations today

Fluid Power World magazine October 2014 Issue

Fluid Power Digital Network

Attention all fluid power component manufacturers and marketers!  We have a fantastic new way to deliver your sales message to qualified fluid power buyers and specifiers!  By using a combination of our new Fluid Power World magazine and our newly expanded Fluid Power Digital Network, your company will have a great new way to connect with new customers and prospects.

Here is the lineup for October

Mobile Hydraulics in construction applicationsPneumatics in medical applicationsEfficiency in industrial hydraulicsFocus on hydraulic cylinders Fluid Power Network featuring websites and e-newsletters
Maximize your company's exposure to the multi-billion-dollar fluid power market by advertising in October and on our Digital Network.  Please contact me for details at

A Special Announcement from Solar Power World

One of the really great properties that we have at WTWH Media LLC is Solar Power World.  They have a very special event coming up and, while I am not directly involved with it, I want to get the word out about it.

Who are the top #solar contractors in the US? Find out Tuesday 8/12 at #Solar400 The @SolarPowerWorld #Solar400 list – the definitive ranking of #solar contractors – goes live on Tuesday 8/12! Solar #contractors: Tuesday is your time to shine. The @SolarPowerWorld #Solar400 launches 8/12! @SEIA Tune in to Tuesday 8/12 and view the #Solar400 top contractors list! Looking forward to the release of the #Solar400 list on Tuesday 8/12! @SEIA #greenenergy
I am happy to help out my fantastic colleagues at Solar Power World!

Reporting on the Power and Versatility of Fluid Power

Here is a post from our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website that helps to demonstrate the power and versatility of fluid power.  Click here  It is a product review of checking cylinders by Control Line Equipment.

As we continue to build our body of knowledge about all aspects of fluid power components and systems, power and versatility will become regular characteristics that we describe.  Also, check out our Mobile Hydraulic Tips e-newsletter as a regular source of great information.

Learn all you can about hydraulic valves @FluidPowerWorld @MobileHydraulicTips

I know that by putting the @ sign in the title of this post that it is for effect only.  But if I put it in my tweets, it will be directed to the social media audiences of these two excellent new websites, Fluid Power World and Mobile Hydraulic Tips.
If you go to Mobile Hydraulic Tips right now, you will find an update on hydraulic vales by Prince Manufacturing.  If you visit Mobile Hydraulic Tips every day, you will learn all you can about hydraulic valves and all types of fluid power components used on mobile equipment.

If you would like to have our new Mobile Hydraulic Tips e-newsletter delivered to you every month, please access our e-newsletter sign up page by clicking here.

Current Fluid Power Component Information @MobileHydraulicTips

We have a wealth of fluid power component information building on our @MobileHydraulicTips website produced by Fluid Power World.  Check it today and you will find some very useful information about Accumulators made by Tobul.

It takes lots of component knowledge to design, build, operate, and maintain productive and efficient machinery.  That is what our magazine, Fluid Power World, and websites offer to our audience.  I invite you to subscribe to our new publication at this link.  We will deliver an excellent publication to your mailbox.
I also invite you to subscribe to our e-newsletters by clicking here.  We offer Fluid Power World, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, and Pneumatic Tips as e-newsletters every month.  
If you would like to have your fluid power components featured in our magazine, website, or e-newsletters, please send them to me.  My e-mail address is mference@wtwhmedia .com.

An excellent new fluid power website

I want to direct you to Fluid Power World the website.  If you are interested in learning more about components, systems, and fluid-power-driven machinery, this is the place to be.

It is a fairly new site having launched earlier this year but we continue to add great content every day.  You will find fluid power articles, product reviews, industry news, and much more.  We have a fluid power suppliers section that is growing and an ever-increasing fluid power video library.

On our new website, you will also find links to our e-newsletters where you can subscribe to Fluid Power World, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, and Pneumatic Tips, all great monthly e-newsletters.  We also offer a a subscription page to our new magazine Fluid Power World.  Give us a try.

Join Fluid Power World in October

I hope that you have had a chance to review our first-ever issue of Fluid Power World.  This new magazine is designed to inform and educate fluid power engineers as well as professionals in the supply chain on all aspects of fluid power technology.  Please contact me if you would like a copy at

Our next issue will feature mobile hydraulics in construction applications, pneumatics in medical applications, efficiency in industrial hydraulics, and a focus on hydraulic cylinders.  Additionally, we will feature our regular departments including Research & Development, Association Watch, Distributor Update, and much more.
If you are interested in subscribing, please go to our website and there you will find this subscription link.  By the way, when you go to our website Fluid Power World, you will want to browse around there for more great fluid power content.

A fluid-power-friendly FB Page

I hope that you will visit my Facebook page where I have posted many fluid power items.

If you would like to have me share any fluid power information on my page, just send it to me.


Nice Job Mary!

It is so great to have Mary Gannon on the team that produces Fluid Power World magazine and our digital network.  I have worked with Mary for many years in the past and I am really glad to be reunited with her at Fluid Power World.  Mary has actually helped me personally to get involved with social media.

Mary does really great work for FPW including her latest post on one of our websites MobileHydraulicTips.  In this post, Mary tells of her visit to a training center at Eaton.  The title of the post is Eaton Trains the Trainers and it reviews their training facility in Maumee, OH.

We at Fluid Power World and WTWH Media are strong advocates of continuing education and that is why we help by providing a wealth of information in our publications, on our websites, and through our e-based content.  If you have not yet registered for one of our fluid power e-newsletters, please go to this link and choose the ones of interest to  you.
In the meantime, Mary and the rest of our team will be b…