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On August 26th we held our first Marketing Summit called It's All Marketing at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland, OH home of WTWH Media LLC.  Now, we did not need the 72,000 seats at First Energy, just the club level room for our hundred or so guests.

This one-day event featured several speakers who offered insights on various aspects of marketing in the current environment.  One of our speakers was Carlos Hidalgo, CEO & Principal of ANNUITAS. His topic was Building the Right Strategy to Ensure Marketing Automation Success.

Here were some of my key takeaways from Carlos:

  • 58% of Business-to-Business (B2B) buyers spend more time researching their purchases than last year
  • 41% of B2B buyers stated that they waited longer to initiate contact with a vendor
  • 34% of B2B buyers indicated the number of team members involved in a purchase has increased
  • 57% of the B2B purchase process was complete before buyers engaged with a vendor
Now these facts relate to the main theme of the presentation that marketers need to build a strategy using marketing automation to deal with the changing environment.   The talk by Carlos went on to clearly explain how this can be accomplished.  For more information about what ANNUITAS can do to help your company, I will send you to their website.

We at WTWH can help you with the above four points as well.  If B2B buyers are putting in more up-front work into buying decisions, you as a marketing of components need to communicate as much and as early in the buying cycle as possible to your prospective buyers.  I can help you with that, give me a call at 408-769-1188.

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