Everyone is a Writer

Keeping in line with the importance of good content for companies selling fluid power components, I am working my way through a book on the topic and I would like to share it.

The title is Everybody Writes:  Your Go-To-Guide for creating Ridiculously Good Content by Ann Handley.  I recommend this book and others like it that guide people through the art of writing, even if you are not gifted at it.

This book gives some great advice on how to put together words and sentences to communicate with your audience.  A lot of it is common sense but the author packages the information in a very easy-to-understand presentation.

I advise my clients to create content because it is very usable in marketing their products.  For some great examples of content that we are hosting, visit our Engineering White Papers website.  This site represents one way that we can put your content to work to grow your sales.

For more information, please content me.

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