Content is an ongoing project

Generating great technical content is as important for a fluid power component manufacturer.  It is important as any other element of their marketing efforts.  Their customers, engineers and other technical professionals want and need information about components, systems, machinery, and how they all work.

I like to refer to technical content as a chapter from a textbook.  If a fluid power professional could be directed to a chapter in a textbook that will help them on the job, they will be interested.  Content gets attention and, in this way, fluid power component manufacturers can get their message into the hands of prospective customers through the use of content.

Company websites should include content about how their products work in addition to content that highlights the value proposition of the given company.  It is helpful when an engineer or other technical pro could go to a company website and be educated about the technology as well as the company's specific products.

For these reasons, I recommend that all fluid power component manufacturers get involved in technical content.  We at Fluid Power World can help.  Contact me at

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