Offshore and Marine Applications

The energy market continues to be a key one for many fluid power component manufacturers.  Even though it is a changing market because of the current price of oil, the technology and machinery used to get oil from the earth relies on fluid power and it is an important market.

In fact, fluid power technology continues to plan a vital role in the offshore energy industry because rugged systems are necessary for the harsh environment of the offshore market.  Our August issue of Fluid Power World will take a look at this important market.

Also in August, we will put a focus on Sealing Innovation.  Keeping systems leak free is a top design consideration as well as a key maintenance and operation objective.  We will round our our feature editorial with Pneumatic Cylinders, and Steel/Automotive Machinery.

The closing date for ad space reservations for our August issue is July 31, 2015.  We also have some very effective digital marketing opportunities for fluid power companies.  If you would like more information, please contact me at

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