Send us your content!

As I have posted many times in the past, content is very important in today's marketing world.  If your company has good content about your specialty, engineers will find it and read it.

Here is a link to an excellent example of great engineering content supplied by Danfoss Power Solutions.  This is a white paper that is hosted on our Engineering White Papers page for Danfoss.  Our audience members can access the content simply by registering to download it.

If your company has white paper content, and you probably do, please contact me to discuss how we can get your expert content into the hands of your prospective new customers and existing customers.

Really good content gets the attention of our engineering audience and we would like to help you to connect with them.  This does not take the place of traditional advertising but is an important component to marketing in our present environment.  Let me know if I can help 408-769-1188.

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