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Increase Brand Awareness This Year

No matter how popular digital media and targeted digital programs become, brand awareness is still an integral part of growing a business.  We at Fluid Power World offer opportunities for companies of all sizes to grow brand awareness.

For those companies not currently involved in advertising with us, we still have plenty of time in 2017 to help your company to grow brand awareness.  We can do that with our three remaining print issues of Fluid Power World in September, November, and December.  We can also do that with our banner advertising program where we guarantee the number of impressions your banners will receive from our audience.

We have six websites that are growing in popularity that can all help to grow your company's brand awareness

Hey all fluid power marketers, don't let 2017 slip away with our growing your company's share of mind to fluid power buyers and specifiers all around the country.  Contact me for a special ad program designed to help your business t…

How to ... and What is ...

At Fluid Power World, we offer our audience lots of great content.  It takes the form of the printed word delivered to their mailbox.  It can be content that is packaged in an e-mail and delivered to their inbox.

But it can be a video that they actually watch on YouTube after being directed there by us

Or the content might be found in an interesting "How to" found on one of our websites such as Sealing & Contamination Control Tips, our newest website.
There, you can find very informative "how tos" such as How to Install a Fluid Power Seal.  It seems like a simple subject but one that many in our audience can learn from.  One of the reasons we launched this website was to inform our audience about best practices in sealing and filtration and this article does that.

Web Banner Advertising Works

Check out these two slides that explain how web banner advertising works at Fluid Power World.

So you can customize your banner ad program with us and the cost remains the same.  You can even change the number of views that you would like to buy at $65 per thousand.
If increasing brand awareness is one of the marketing objectives of your company, banner advertising on the Fluid Power World digital marketing network is the way to go.
Please contact me for details at 408-769-1188

The Discussion Has Begun

The date has been set and the discussion has begun about the 2018 Fluid Power Technology Conference.  FPTC

Our third annual Fluid Power Technology Conference will be held on May 15-16, 2017 at the Kern Center at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  We made great progress with our fluid power seminar-based event this year and we will be building on that for next year.
The discussion has begun on how we can continue to improve the experience for our attendees and our exhibitors and sponsors.  We have formed an advisory committee to gather best practices and best ideas on how we can present the most informative conference possible to a great audience of qualified attendees.
If you are a buyer or marketer of fluid power components and would like to join the discussion, please let me know.  We would love to have your input.
Our intention is to develop and present technical fluid power information from the FPTC stage that will continue to improve the skills and knowledge of all in attendan…

2017 Fluid Power Handbook

Click here Fluid Power Handbook to access our 2017 Fluid Power Handbook.

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