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Fluid Power Challenge at Macomb College

Congratulations to Dave Hone and Cathy Meyer of Master Pneumatic and their team for leading another very successful Fluid Power Challenge program at Macomb College in the Detroit area on March 30th.

The Fluid Power Challenge is part of an initiative undertaken by the National Fluid Power Association to teach fluid power fundamentals to school kids to help them to understand and take an interest in fluid power technology.  It takes some work and dedication on the part of the team to make the event work and the Detroit group has done a great job!

The events are held at several locations around the country and you can learn much more from their website by clicking here.  Fluid Power Challenge was founded to be a competition that challenges middle school kids to solve an engineering problem using fluid power.  They work in teams to design and operate a simple fluid power machine and then they compete against their peers in a timed challenge.
The program usually involves eighth grade stude…

What do you know about hydraulic repair shops?

If you would like to learn more, we have a great article posted on our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website on the subject and I invite you to access that article and much more.

When you visit Mobile Hydraulic Tips, you will learn more about OEM components, system design choices, and best maintenance practices.  This particular article focuses on hydraulic repair shops and I felt that this was some very interesting and important information to share.

If you are a designer or repair and maintenance specialist for mobile equipment of any kind including construction equipment or agricultural equipment, then our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website will be a good resource for you.
If your company sells components or systems for mobile equipment, then I invite you to send us your product reviews and application stories for posting on our website.  It is a great place to find useful information and much of it is also e-mailed out to our e-newsletter subscribers.  If you would like to subscribe to our Mob…

Making the Right Connections in 2016

At Fluid Power World magazine and digital network, we are very actively involved in the coverage of hose, fittings, hose assemblies, quick couplings, and all matters involving fluid conveyance as it relates to fluid power technology.  We cover the subject extensively in our Hose Assembly Tips website

and with our Hose Assembly Tips e-newsletter as well.

We are also a member and supporter of NAHAD, the Association for Hose and Accessory Distribution.

The 2016 NAHAD Annual Convention is scheduled to begin on April 29th at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs and they have a very interesting and action-packed schedule.  The open festivities actually begin on Saturday, April 30 with opening remarks by current NAHAD President, Jim Reilly.   
The schedule continues with a very informative session titled Market Signals:  What the Financial Markets are Telling Us presented by Peter Ricchiuti of Tulane University.  This is a tricky subject these days of financial turbulence.

Other highlight…

On the trail with TED - revisited

Here is a post that I did a few years ago on my other blog

I like to walk and I like music.  However, I have found a new activity to do while walking.  I know, you may say, wow you are just learning about that now?  Well yes I am just now discovering podcasts.

Today I listened to a podcast of the radio show TED Radio Hour that I found for free in iTunes under NPR.  The title of the podcast was Success and I learned lot.  The contributors gave their perspectives on success.

You are probably already listening to podcasts so, if you are interested, you should have no trouble finding it.  I got the Beats as a gift recently from my employer and I really enjoy them.  Lucky!

Now I have learned a new trick and figured out how to download podcasts to my phone and listen on the way too and from work -  still TED
If you haven't checked out the TED talks you should consider it.  It was an inspiration for our upcoming Fluid Power Technical Conference being held on June 21 and 22 in Milwaukee.

Great Insights from a Fluid Power Expert

I am thrilled to have Ken Korane as a regular Contributing Editor to Fluid Power World magazine and digital network.  Of course, when I refer to our digital network, I include Fluid Power World,Mobile Hydraulic Tips, Pneumatic Tips, Hose Assembly Tips, and (coming soon) Sealing & Contamination Control Tips.  These are titles of both websites and e-newsletters.

Here is a sample of some recent work by Ken A Simple Path to Higher Efficiency.  In this article, Ken discusses the use of the right fluids and how that affects energy efficiency.

You can find Ken's articles and product reviews throughout our magazine and digital network and his expert fluid power knowledge adds greatly to the strength of our editorial staff.  Both Paul Heney and Mary Gannon are recognized as very well established fluid power writers and editors.  Mike Santora and Michelle DiFrangia are working their way up in the field as well
Ken adds a lot of depth to our team of content providers.  We are very happy …

Balance is Important

I know that I have written about this before but I really believe that it is important!  Having balance in your life is critically important in to optimize your chances of being happy.  It does take an effort to be balanced.

There are many important areas of life including your profession, family, faith, recreation, and relaxation.  Having balance means having the right combination of each of these areas in your life.

Of course, your profession is what pays the bills but it also helps to define who you are.  Giving the right amount of attention to your profession pays for everything but it also empowers you to be who you want to be.  So work hard, continue to improve your work skills and give work your attention.

Your family defines who you are also.  We are all responsible for our family life and having a good one is a great blessing.  Always put your family right up there in your list of importance.  This goes for immediate and extended family.

I believe that your faith life defines…

Another AC Complete #nfpaconference

Well, the 2016 Annual Conference of the National Fluid Power Association is now complete!  We learned a lot from the speakers and had a chance to get caught up with other members.  My term on the board has ended though.

There were several very good presentations with some pessimism but lots of optimism.  I really liked the message by Scott Klososky of Future Point of View who presented several very interesting points such as "your smart phone = an outboard brain" and "Humology - the intersection of human and technology in the workforce."

San Antonio is a really cool place.  The weather was not great during the Conference but that did not deter a very interesting visit.  Thanks to the NFPA for putting together this Conference and thanks for the time on the Board of Directors.

How should fluid power companies approach the future

There were several good presentations done at the 2016 NFPA Annual Conference.  One of them was a macro economic review of the near term future for industry and the U.S. economy in general.  Frankly that presentation done by Oxford Economics was not real optimistic.  It looks like we have some flat times ahead before things improve.

With that being said, the next two presentations presented ideas that reveal how companies can distinguish their position at any time, including the near future.  The economic report was not based on opinion but facts and trends that effect economies, so, it is not Oxford's fault that there is not a lot of room for optimism in the near future.  Markets like Oil and Gas and Mining are struggling and that is a fact.

The second presentation given on the first day of the Annual Conference explained how the Internet of Things hold great potential for industry, including our fluid power industry in the near and long term.  Jamie Smith of National Instruments…

Preventing fluid leakage and keeping fluid clean

Those two goals apply to virtually every hydraulic system.  That is why we will be launching a new website very soon titled Sealing & Contamination Control Tips.  That website will also have content pushed out our audience through an e-newsletter of the same name.

What we hope to achieve with this new website and e-newsletter, is to gather information about keeping hydraulic systems clean and sealed and sharing that with our audience.  So, if your company makes and sells seals or filtration components, then please send them to us to share.  If your company has a story about how your products keep systems clean and leak free, send us those stories.

If you are an engineer or technician responsible for these two goals, the please check out our new site and e-newsletter when it is available.

How do you stay up-to-date?

We make it easy at Fluid Power World for our readers to current on fluid power components, related products, systems, and all of the latest technology.  We have four really great websites and will be launching a fifth this year.


Coming a little later this year, we will be adding Sealing & Contamination Control Tips.  For all matters involving the safe and efficient operation of hydraulic systems keeping the fluid in the system and clean, this will be the place for our audience to look.
If your company would like to have your products posted on any of these websites, please send me the information to

NFPA Annual Conference

The 2016 Annual Conference of the National Fluid Power Association, starts Wednesday at the La Cantera Resort in San Antonio.  Click here for more details.

This annual event is a highlight of the year in fluid power as many of the industry's manufacturers and distributors meet to conduct the business of the NFPA, hear some really insightful presentations, and network with other industry professionals.

It promises to be a great event!

Fluid Power Technical Conference gaining momentum

Our 2016 Fluid Power Technical Conference hosted by Fluid Power World is really taking shape.  We now have 10 sponsors for the event and our conference schedule is filling up.  Here is a current list of our sponsors/exhibitors

This event takes place on June 21 and 22 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  For complete information and to register to attend, please visit our website CLICK HERE

If your company is interested in exhibiting, let me tell you that this will be a unique experience because your participation includes a 30-45 minute presentation from our stage about product and system solutions.  This part is optional though,

Contact me for more information

The NTEA Work Truck Show is cool

This annual event is being held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.  The Work Truck Show is sponsored by the NTEA, The Association for the Work Truck Industry, which represents nearly 1,800 companies that buy, sell, manufacture, distribute, install, and repair commercial trucks, truck equipment, trailers, and accessories.

Work trucks include snow plow trucks, cranes, dump trucks, and all trucks that work on the road to accomplish work!  So, the show includes many of these trucks for companies that are looking to purchase them for their company or governmental entity.  

The show also includes the systems that make these trucks conduct and carry out powerful work procedures.  That includes fluid power systems and components such as telescoping cylinders and power-take-offs.  That is why we are interested in the show, because of all of the fluid power technology on display.

Additionally, it is a really cool show in my opinion because of all of this technology on display.  I…