Fluid Power Challenge at Macomb College

Congratulations to Dave Hone and Cathy Meyer of Master Pneumatic and their team for leading another very successful Fluid Power Challenge program at Macomb College in the Detroit area on March 30th.

The Fluid Power Challenge is part of an initiative undertaken by the National Fluid Power Association to teach fluid power fundamentals to school kids to help them to understand and take an interest in fluid power technology.  It takes some work and dedication on the part of the team to make the event work and the Detroit group has done a great job!

The events are held at several locations around the country and you can learn much more from their website by clicking here.  Fluid Power Challenge was founded to be a competition that challenges middle school kids to solve an engineering problem using fluid power.  They work in teams to design and operate a simple fluid power machine and then they compete against their peers in a timed challenge.

The program usually involves eighth grade students but sometimes younger kids are involved and in the case of the event sponsored by Master Pneumatic, sixth graders were competing.  It makes for a very fun and very educational day for the students.

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