On the trail with TED - revisited

Here is a post that I did a few years ago on my other blog

I like to walk and I like music.  However, I have found a new activity to do while walking.  I know, you may say, wow you are just learning about that now?  Well yes I am just now discovering podcasts.

Today I listened to a podcast of the radio show TED Radio Hour that I found for free in iTunes under NPR.  The title of the podcast was Success and I learned lot.  The contributors gave their perspectives on success.

You are probably already listening to podcasts so, if you are interested, you should have no trouble finding it.  I got the Beats as a gift recently from my employer and I really enjoy them.  Lucky!

Now I have learned a new trick and figured out how to download podcasts to my phone and listen on the way too and from work -  still TED

If you haven't checked out the TED talks you should consider it.  It was an inspiration for our upcoming Fluid Power Technical Conference being held on June 21 and 22 in Milwaukee.

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