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Join us in April ... coming real soon

Every issue of Fluid Power World magazine is full of great content about system design, maintenance, component selection, and much more.Our articles really help our OEM and aftermarket readers on the job with explanations of systems and components as well as success stories.
In April, we will discuss Mobile Hydraulics in Mining Applications where hydraulics meet the challenge of very demanding and harsh environments.Having more information about component selection for mining applications is certainly important to our mobile audience.
On the industrial side, our editors will take a look at Offshore Applications in preparation for the always-important Offshore Tech Conference held in Houston in May.With energy pricing somewhat stabilized, this market has become settled for component suppliers.
2016 Preview

Food Processing Equipment will be the focus of our pneumatic feature in April.Pneumatic systems are used in the processing as well as packaging of all types of foods.Our April Produc…

Check out this video about our Fluid Power Technology Conference


Sponsor a solution

I have described our upcoming Fluid Power Technology Conference in many ways to prospective exhibitors and sponsors.  Here is one of the best and it is simple ... Sponsor a solution!

Every fluid power component manufacturer and distributor offers solutions to their customers.  If they did not, they would not be in business, right?

On May 16-17, 2017, Fluid Power World will be hosting our annual Fluid Power Technology Conference at the Kern Center at MSOE.  This two-day event is seminar-based with some of the sessions being presented by fluid power educators and some by the exhibitors.

If your company chooses to exhibit at the event, then you also have the opportunity to present  your company's solution or solutions to our audience of qualified fluid power product buyers.  Think of what specialty you can present to this audience, is it proper filtration? sealing? cylinder sizing? use of quick couplings?

There are many considerations for designing and maintaining an optimal fluid p…

Why Should I Advertise?

That is a question that I have handled for many years from my clients and prospects.  To me, the answer is obvious, to grow your company's and product's brand awareness.

If we at Fluid Power World can share your sales message with a qualified audience of buyers and potential buyers, then we have accomplished that job of increasing brand awareness.  But it has to be done over time and with regular frequency.

So to me, this is a simple question.  Why advertise ... to grow your business.  Please contact me for help.

Join Us for an Informational Webinar

I wanted to reach out personally to invite you to a special webinar update on our Fluid Power Technology Conference.  This seminar-based event is scheduled for May 16-17 at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.
Fluid Power World magazine is the host and we will be offering our engineering audience of both OEM and aftermarket fluid power specialists a series of presentations on better system design, maintenance, troubleshooting, component reviews, and more
Please join us for a short 30-40 minute update for the Fluid Power Technology Conference 2017. 
Michael Ference – Publisher of Fluid Power World, and Paul Heney, Editorial Director will update you on the exciting program we will have in May, along with our commitment to the market towards delivering a "best of class event" centered around Education and Networking within the fluid power community.We will be presenting information about sponsorship and participation opportunities.
Date: February 16 Time: 11:30am EST Registration Lin…