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Economic Update

I had the privilege of attending the quarterly update of the NFPA Economic Update webinar recently. There are always many key takeaways from these sessions.  This time, I can summarize my takeaway by saying "Growth through 2016."

This is not different from what I heard at the 2014 Industry and Economic Outlook Conference put on by the NFPA in August.  I remain very optimistic by this report.  Despite a slower global economy, some sluggish growth forecasts, declining oil prices, and other concerns, it appears that the U.S. industrial economy is still bound for strength in 2015.

I understand that economic forecasts are subject to change considering all that is going on  in the world.  However, the data shows strength for next year.  The webinar shows that NFPA shipments are trending upward as is U.S. Industrial Production.  Even the mining and agricultural machinery markets could have some strength next year.
All of this bodes well for fluid power component manufacturers.


May I propose success in 2015?

This is the time of year that companies are putting together marketing plans for the coming year.  Thus, I work with clients to map out strategies for success in the areas of building brand awareness and generating sales leads.

I have a great portfolio of properties to work with including Fluid Power World, Design World, and our digital network.  If your company sells fluid power components or systems, I would like to partner with you for success in 2015.

Please give me a call at 408-769-1188 and I will help you to work out a plan for success in 2015.

Putting your connectors together

The crimping machine is key to making the right hydraulic connections for new or existing machinery.  Our new website Hose Assembly Tips, offers our audience many ideas for doing so.

Here is a review of a crimping machine by O+P that currently appears on HAT.
If putting together hose assemblies is a part of your job responsibility, then turban to Hose Assembly Tips for the latest information available.

If you would like to have our monthly e-newsletter by the same title delivered to your inbox, please visit our subscription page.  Here is a sample.

Reaching Out for Success in 2015

My team and I can really help your fluid power company to take advantage of a strong industrial economy to grow your business in 2015.  We offer five regular issues of Fluid Power World.

We have a Leaders in Engineering issue scheduled for January in conjunction with Design World.  Our Fluid Power Handbook will be published in June.
Our digital network includes five websites and five e-newsletters.  Our custom content opportunities offers you the advertiser to deliver your expertise directly to prospective new customers.  
That is why I am reaching out to you for success in 2015.  Together, we can make it a great year!

The Right Combination

Building brand awareness while generating qualified sales leads is a great combination for growing your company's sales in 2015.  If those are your objectives, I can help you.
We have two fantastic print publications, Design World and Fluid Power World, along with a very vibrant digital network of websites and e-newsletters.

Regardless of the size of your advertising budget for 2015, I can put together a program that will help your company to meet your 2015 goals.  Just give me a call at 408-769-1188 or e-mail me at and we can go to work.

Hose Assembly Tips

Hose, fittings, connectors, assemblies and all that make up fluid power connections constitute a very important product segment of the fluid power industry.  We at WTWH Media, publishers of Fluid PowerWorld and Design World, have devoted an entire website and a monthly e-newsletter to the subject,

Click here for a link to our e-newsletter.  If you find the information useful, please consider signing up for a free subscription.  You can do so here.  You will also be able to subscribe to our other fluid power e-newsletters from that page,
Our Hose Assembly Tips Website get updated on a regular basis with product reviews and application tips about hose assemblies.  Check it out as well through this link,

Paul Heney says it best ...

Paul Heney does a fantastic job of guiding the fluid power content of our magazine Fluid Power World and our websites Fluid Power World, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, Pneumatic Tips, and Hose Assembly Tips.  Paul understands the industry and has a great ability to put it into words for our community.

Here is one example in particular.  At the 2014 National Fluid Power Association Industry and Economic Outlook Conference, a speaker by the name of Chuck Yengst made some very interesting comments about the future of hydraulics.  I know because I heard them.

So did Paul and he does such a nice job of explaining it in this editorial Hydraulics is not going away, not by a long shot.  This article appears in our latest edition of Fluid Power World as well as on our digital network.  Check it out.

Fluid Power 2015

If your company sells fluid power components and related products, I hope that 2015 will be a great year.  Most indicators are still positive for next year including the Manufacturing Index and the GDP in general.
We at Fluid Power Worldare positioned to help your company make the most of the solid economy for our industry.  We have print, digital, e-news, and custom products available to help your company to increase brand awareness while generating sales leads.
I would like to partner with your company to make 2015 a great year by helping you to connect with interested buyers and specifiers.  We start the year off with our Leadership Issue and I would like to talk to you about that.
Please give me a call at 408-769-1188.

Our Second Issue is Here

The second issue of Fluid Power World is out and it is as good as the first.  I invite you to click here to access our digital edition.

If you like the content, please consider subscribing to our print or digital edition.  You can do so by clicking here.

Keep checking our vertical sites

I invite you to keep checking our vertical websites for updates on products and on the current happenings at fluid power companies.  Here is a link to our Hose Assembly Tips website that tells about a new a hose research center by Parker Hannifin.  If your company has such information to share, please send it to me at

On our Pneumatic Tips website, check out the press series safety valves by Norgren.  While you are on the site, you can review other pneumatic component reviews.

Our Mobile Hydraulic Tips is another great place to find very useful content.  I hope that you will use these resources to gain further insights into the many fluid power components available to design engineers and maintenance professionals.

Marketing Still Makes It Happen

You can have a fantastic product.  You can have loyal customers.  But, in order to grow your business, you need to communicate with prospective new customers.

In fact, I will say that every business will lose some customers for various reasons every year.  Therefore, in order to stay even, you need new customers every year.  That is true for all of my friends and customers in the fluid power industry.

Here are a few interesting perspectives that I have gathered this year

•The fluid power industry will remain strong through 2018 – IEOC National Fluid Power Association •Overall positive US GDP through 2018, strong industrial production–IEOC NFPA •$1.6 trillion of machinery produced in US in 2013 •Energy efficiency remains a strong request – buyers
•Price is important but so is quality – a reader

I think that these are some pretty interesting perspectives.  They are also strong signs that fluid power companies should continue marketing in 2015.  That is where I can help.  I represent some of t…

Reaching Out for Success in 2015

Fluid Power World ·5 issues in 2015 plus ·Leadership Issue in January ·Fluid Power Handbook in June ·Digital Network
Attention, again, all fluid power component manufacturers and marketers.We have successfully launched Fluid Power World magazine and now we are expanding it for 2015.This new publication will continue to grow as a fantastic new way to deliver your sales message to qualified fluid power buyers and specifiers in 2015.

By using a combination of our new Fluid Power World magazine and our expanded Fluid Power Digital Network, your company connect with customers and prospects in an integrated advertising program.Please see the 2015 Editorial Calendar for details about our 2015 issues.
Utilize our Fluid Power World and Design World websites and e-newsletters along with our verticals Mobile Hydraulic Tips, Pneumatic Tips, and Hose Assembly Tips.We guarantee ROI on your integrated program for 2015 and offer custom means for reaching interested buyers and prospects and generating sa…

Managing Your Air

A lot of research has been done by the Department of Energy to determine the potential for cost savings through managing compressed air systems.  If a company treats compressed air like a utility, that will establish a mind set to stop the leaks and wasteful uses.

Here is a great short piece about the wise use of compressed air.  Don't shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to using air, manage it wisely.