Marketing Still Makes It Happen

You can have a fantastic product.  You can have loyal customers.  But, in order to grow your business, you need to communicate with prospective new customers.

In fact, I will say that every business will lose some customers for various reasons every year.  Therefore, in order to stay even, you need new customers every year.  That is true for all of my friends and customers in the fluid power industry.

Here are a few interesting perspectives that I have gathered this year

The fluid power industry will remain strong through 2018 – IEOC National Fluid Power Association
Overall positive US GDP through 2018, strong industrial production–IEOC NFPA
$1.6 trillion of machinery produced in US in 2013
Energy efficiency remains a strong request – buyers

Price is important but so is quality – reader

I think that these are some pretty interesting perspectives.  They are also strong signs that fluid power companies should continue marketing in 2015.  That is where I can help.  I represent some of the very best marketing resources available to fluid power companies today.

I am reaching out for success in 2015!

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