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How to handle the heat

One of our regular features in Fluid Power World is our Maintenance department.  In our April issue, Editorial Director, Paul Heney, covers the subject of heat in a hydraulic system and does a great job of it.

By starting the presentation talking about heat, he draws in a tutorial bout heat exchangers, a major component to many hydraulic systems.  This is an example of the editorial content that our readers can expect in every issue of our print magazine as well as from our websites and e-newsletters.

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Would you like to visit a fluid power lab?

As a part of our upcoming Fluid Power Technical Conference taking place at the Milwaukee School of Engineering on June 21 and 22, we are offering all of our attendees a free tour of the fluid power labs a the Fluid Power Institute.  Tom Wanke of MSOE will be conducting tours of the labs at MSOE for all who are interested.

There is a lot to learn from a lab tour and there is no better teacher than Tom Wanke.  If you would like to sign up for the free tours being given on Tuesday morning, June 21, please go to our registration page for the Fluid Power Technical Conference.
This two-day event will be held on the campus of MSOE at the Kern Center beginning with tours of the Fluid Power Institute and the Grohmann Museum.  The seminars will kickoff at 1:00 pm with a keynote address from Aleksandar Egelja of Caterpillar.
There will be a series of seminar sessions given on Tuesday afternoon followed by a reception right on at the Conference.  A full day of technical sessions are scheduled for…

Do the Art Walk at the 2016 Fluid Power Technical Conference

One of the side excursions taking place at this year's Fluid Power Technical Conference will be a tour of the Grohmann Museum of art.  This very interesting and unique museum sits on the campus of the Milwaukee School of engineering and houses over 1,000 paintings and sculptures of the evolution of human work.  You won't want to miss it.

Sign up today to attend the 2016 Fluid Power Technical Conference and when you do, make sure to include the Grohmann tour part of your experience.  Click here to register.

Spring is Sprung ... Our April Issue is Here ...

The April Issue of Fluid Power World magazine is now out there in the hands of our audience!  It is another fantastic issue.  I believe that our content just keeps getting better with each issue.

In this issue click here you will find:
In this issue:32 MOBILE HYDRAULICS
Hydraulics define the evolution of construction machinery 40 MARINE HYDRAULICS
Electrohydraulic controls improve ship stability 48 AIR PREPARATION
Understanding proper air preparation 56 FILTRATION
Spotlight on offline filtration
 You will also be able to read an editorial by our Contributing Editor, Ken Korane, about the Looming Crisis in Hydraulic Repair, great insights for our audience.  Then you will also be able to read about the first woman elected to be the Chair of the Board of Directors of the National Fluid Power Association, our friend, Tricia Fulton of Sun Hydraulics.

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Canadian Fluid Power Association

The Canadian Fluid Power Association CFPA will hold its annual conference on May 4-6, 2016 in Montebello, Quebec.  The association is dedicated to promoting fluid power technology in Canada and providing its member with the knowledge, skills and networking opportunities.

The event is called the CFPA AGM 2016 as it is the Annual General Meeting.  It features a great list of speakers and topics 
Scott Campbell - The Captain Has Turned On the Seatbelt Sign Navigating Your People Through Turbulent Times
Simon Fridyland -  Safe Engineering How to EnsureYou are in Compliance with Safety Regulations
Jordan Vickers:  Senior Economist at Eaton, The Economy of Fluid Power
Stuart Bergman -  Export Development Canada's EDC
Brian Lane - Certech Registration
There will be many networking opportunities and really great accommodations at the Fairmont Chateau Montebello, the world's largest log cabin!

For more information, visit

Drive For Technology

I had the privilege this week of attending a very interesting and cool fluid power event titled Drive For Technology with my colleague, Mary Gannon.  The event took place at the company CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne in Hannover Park, IL.  You can find more about this company at www.cmafh.com

The two-day event featured a unique blend of technical sessions presented right at the CMAFH facility by their vendors as well as their own technical people.  Some of the companies represented includes SMC, Eaton, Bosch Rexroth, Proportion Air, Hanna Cylinders, Sun Hydraulics, Hydac, Fastest, and more.

We had the opportunity to network with many of the experts presenting their products in the booths at the expo portion of the event.  We learned a great deal about the companies and products on display and have several new editorial leads from the event.

I would like to compliment the folks at CMA/Flodyne/Hydradyne for hosting the event and so graciously inviting Mary and I to attend.  T…

What's in the Conference?

Well if you click the graphic below, you will find out.

But I can tell you that at our upcoming Fluid Power Technical Conference being held at the Milwaukee School of Engineering on June 21 and 22, there will be many very informative seminar sessions and displays from providers of fluid power solutions.
When you visit the FPTC website, you will not only find out what is in the conference in terms of seminar sessions and exhibitors, you will be able to register in advance.  It promises to be two great days of learning and networking at MSOE.
We hope to see you there! 

Read 30 minutes minimum every day

I have posted this before and I strongly believe that reading is one of the keys to success in business and in your life in general.  If you can commit to reading at least 30 minutes or more in your field of work, you will gain an advantage over everyone who does not.

This advice comes from a trainer, coach, and author named Brian Tracy who I have studied for years. He recommends starting your day, every day with reading in your field.  Check out Brian's website for more learning resources by clicking here.

You will find books, and audio programs for time management, business training, sales training, leadership, and more.  One of the best tips that I ever heard goes like this:  If you want to be as successful as you can, work on yourself.  Reading is a great component of self-help.

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Bauma Opened Today

The world's largest trade show opened in Munich today and Fluid Power World was there to cover it.

Our Contributing Editor is at the Show to provide our audience with up-to-date information about this enormous mobile equipment event.  Follow Ken on our Mobile Hydraulic Tips website.

Our Fluid Power Technical Conference continues to gain

We have added some new sponsors/exhibitors to our upcoming Fluid Power Technical Conference.  It is shaping up to be an exciting fluid power event.  The dates are June 21 and 22 and the event takes place at the Milwaukee School of Engineering in downtown Milwaukee.

The conference will included exhibits from all of our sponsors, presentations from our FPTC stage, lunch, a reception, breakfast, and more.  Here is a link to our FPTC website.  In invite you to sign up today to attend the FPTC.  
If you are interested in exhibiting but have questions, please contact me at

I know its early but ...

It's not too early to put the NFPA Industry and Economic Outlook Conference scheduled for August 15-17 at the beautiful Westing Chicago North Shore in Wheeling, IL on your calendar.  Here is a link for more information.

I know that all economists are not completely accurate.  But, if you put several of them on the stage over a two-day period and ask them to give you their best forecast, you will have probably the best guidelines that you can get.
The program is set with IEOC favorites Alan Beaulieu and Eli Lustgarten along with a host of other interesting and knowledgeable economists and industry specialists.  It is the benchmark for the fluid power industry for the whole year.
And, it kicks off with the annual IEOC Invitational Golf Tournament to benefit the NFPA Education and Technology Foundation.  It is a good cause and a lot of fun.  Visit the NFPA website for updates.