Read 30 minutes minimum every day

I have posted this before and I strongly believe that reading is one of the keys to success in business and in your life in general.  If you can commit to reading at least 30 minutes or more in your field of work, you will gain an advantage over everyone who does not.

This advice comes from a trainer, coach, and author named Brian Tracy who I have studied for years. He recommends starting your day, every day with reading in your field.  Check out Brian's website for more learning resources by clicking here.

You will find books, and audio programs for time management, business training, sales training, leadership, and more.  One of the best tips that I ever heard goes like this:  If you want to be as successful as you can, work on yourself.  Reading is a great component of self-help.

If your field is fluid power, we can help.  We offer our printed magazine Fluid Power World, click here to subscribe.  It is also available in a digital format.  You can also find great reading in our five websites and e-newsletters including Mobile Hydraulic Tips, Design World, Pneumatic Tips, Hose Assembly Tips, and, soon to come, Sealing and Contamination Control Tips.

We offer our audience more than 30 minutes worth of material for every day's reading!

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