Happy Labor Day Fluid Power Workers

On this Labor Day Weekend 2014, I acknowledge all workers in the fluid power industry.  That includes all workers at companies that make fluid power components including engineers, management, support teams, and manufacturing.  It takes a team to produce quality components and these individuals have kept our industry strong.

I also acknowledge everyone in the supply chain including sales professionals representing component manufacturers, distributor sales and management, and independent representatives.  I also include anyone involved in sales of fluid power components and related products in any way.

Happy Labor Day to all professionals who buy and specify fluid power components too!  That includes OEM Design Engineers, Maintenance Personnel, and all involved in the selection and application of fluid power technology.  I include everyone who touches the fluid power industry in every way including all workers in the industry from the shop floor to the design desk to the administrative offices.

These are the people of our industry work and make it great!  Happy Labor Day!

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