Several Good Years Ahead

My key takeaway from the 2014 Industry & Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC) 2014 produced by the NFPA is this, we have several good years ahead.  They may not be great years but they will be good, economically speaking.

One of my favorite economists is Alan Beaulieu of the Institute for Trends Research (ITR).  His talk was titled Prosperity in an Age of Decline.  All of the global leading indicators are still positive and there is still some life left to the recovery.

It looks like the GDP should be positive for the next few years.  The fluid power industry may actually exceed the overall industrial production in the U.S. in the coming years.

John Walker of Oxford Economics, a regular IEOC speaker, is forecasting a positive GDP through 2018.  I think that is great news actually.  The overall Industrial Production Forecast is also strong through 2018.  Many things could change the forecast but it looks good for now.

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