A Solid Year for Shows

If you are involved at all in the fluid power industry, construction market, any mobile hydraulic market, or any fluid power market, you know that the IFPE is the big show.  You probably also know that it only happens every third year and 2015 is not one of those.  The next IFPE will be held in Las Vegas in 2017 and for more details visit the NFPA Events Page.

With that being said, 2015 is still a solid year for trade shows that feature at least some fluid power exhibits.  The Pacific Design Show in February and the Work Truck Show in March are two good examples of trade shows that include fluid power technology.

Coming up in May, the OTC Show in Houston will feature fluid power technology as it relates to oil exploration and production.  For more information about that, visit the OTC website.

In terms of the number of fluid power related exhibitors, this is one of the major shows taking place in 2015.  OTC happens every May in Houston at NRG Park.

If you are involved with the hydraulic systems of garbage trucks and recycling equipment, WasteExpo might just be the place to look.  It will be held on June 1-4 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and for more information, click here.

There are other shows with fluid power exhibits as well but the one that stands out as a larger display of our technology is ICUEE, the International Construction Utility Equipment Expo, also referred to as The Demo Expo.  I guess they call it that because a large portion of the show takes place outside to allow for demonstrations of the machinery.

ICUEE is held at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville

So, even though our big event, IFPE, does not take place this year, 2015 is a solid year for trade shows featuring fluid power technology.  

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