Current Examples of Content Marketing

Now that I have been going on and on about content generating sales leads, I would like to share some recent examples of content marketing that we at Fluid Power World have shared with our audience.  We have many examples on our Engineering White Papers website and I invite you to visit that too.

The first is from Muncie Power Products and it is a very creative use of their existing content.  They produce regular newsletters for their customers and they are full of useful information.  We helped them to distribute the content ever further with our resources.  Here is a link.  You can download and read for yourself.

The second is an in-depth white paper article from Kocsis Technologies Inc. and it explains one of their accumulator products.  Here is a link.

I am sharing these with you because they are creative examples of content marketing.   Your company can get involved with something like these or your own unique ideas.  Let me know if I can help.

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