I love analogies. They help to make your point and they are fun to figure out. Writing on a blog IS LIKE having a diary that you WANT people to read. You are sharing thought with others and not just your future viewing. Thank you so much for reading by the way.

Having professional sports teams compete with widely varying pay structures and vastly uneven overall payrolls is not fair to the fans or the teams. It IS LIKE having a 100-yard dash with a field of 8 sprinters. Numbers one and two, you guys are good to go; numbers three and four, put on these winter coats, numbers five and six you run with these work boots; numbers seven and eight, you carry these barbells. Ready, set, go... not fair:(

Here is another. Doing good works for others IS LIKE mining gold. Some words are large and produce quick results on a large scale, while others are nuggets. Many nuggets add up over time and the results are still large.

What analogy can you share?

Having a great product or service and NOT advertising is like a best kept secret.  Let Fluid Power World  magazine and digital network help your company to share your story.  It is more that about the products, it is about your company's ability to help your customers.  Every company has stories.

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