2014 OTC at Reliant Park

The 2014 OTC Show in Houston was a huge success if you base success on the crowds at the event.  It was very well attended.  The show is held at Reliant Park which is the site of Reliant Stadium, home of the NFL Houston Texans.  It is fitting because today is draft day in the NFL and Houston holds the first selection.

Reliant Stadium is built on the site of the Houston Astrodome, opening in the 1960s and considered the 8th Wonder of the World.  I remember the opening of the Astrodome and the beginning of the era of indoor baseball.  The Astrodome is still standing in 2014 but not in use because it has many repair issues.  It is not being torn down because it is a landmark.  It is eye-catching though how this 8th Wonder of the World is small in comparison to the new Reliant Stadium.

At any rate, the show was a big success with probably over 100,000 attendees.  There were many fluid power exhibitors who are currently selling to the offshore energy markets.  This is another sign that our economy is still doing well.

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