Is there a shortage of engineers?

Check out this video from the editors of Design World where they address the topic of a shortage of engineers.  This is a new feature from Design World is called Editors on Topic where our panel of experts review various topics relating to engineering.

The comment that I find of particular interest is by our Senior Editor, Mary Gannon, who reflects on the overall shortage of technical workers.  I hear this comment from manufacturers as I visit their plants.  In trying to expand a manufacturing operation, one of the most difficult tasks is hiring qualified machine operators.

For fluid power, the National Fluid Power Association has addressed this very topic through a variety of job training initiatives.  For more information, go to their website at and click on the Education & Careers tab.

Having a shortage of workers sounds like a good problem for our nation's workforce situation.  However, it does hurt in the area of reshoring of jobs.  In order to bring manufacturing back, we need trained technical workers.

Visit the Design World website for other videos and learning resources.

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