The Place for Hose, Fittings, Couplings, and Assemblies

If I were to ask you, where is THE place for hydraulic and pneumatic hose, fittings, couplings, and assemblies, meaning where lots of great product infomation can be found, you might answer NAHAD.  You would be correct.

That is why Fluid Power World @Fluid Power World will be participating at this years NAHAD Annual Convention in Miami Beach  on April 23-27.  It is the place to be for hose, fittings, couplings, and assemblies.  For more information about the convention, visit the NAHAD website.

This annual four-day event features products from hose manufactures as they relate to the supply chain represented by hose and accessory distributors.  A huge segment of sales goes through distribution.  At the Convention, ideas will be exchanged and presentations given on how to increase sales, improve distribution, and lift the industry in general.

If you answered the same question above with "Hose Assembly Tips" you would also be right.  Our HAT website started up in 2014 and we continue to grow our audience by adding content about hose, fittings, couplings, assembles, blades, crimpers, and more on a regular basis.

If you use hose assemblies, please visit our site often and sign up for our Hose Assembly Tips e-newsletter

If your company manufactures or distributes hose assembly products, please consider sending us press releases, product reviews, or case studies to include in both our website and e-newsletters.

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