A simple explanation

I have been involved in fluid power for a long time.  I have been asked from time to time by people unfamiliar with the industry to give some examples of fluid power applications.  On the hydraulic side, one that comes to mind right away are the trucks that pick up your trash once a week.

In other words, garbage trucks.  I often tell people that without the power of hydraulics, the job of collecting your garbage every week would be very difficult.  How else can they smash all that trash to make room for more, without having to go empty the truck more frequently.

Yes, it is kind of a dirty job but one that is essential to a civilized society.  It is a necessary convenience provided by our municipality.  I am grateful for the job that dedicated workers do.

If your company sells into the refuse industry, you should know about WasteExpo that takes place next week in Las Vegas.  There you will see, first hand, the many contributions of hydraulics to the waste collecting and recycling industries.

For more information, visit the WasteExpo website.

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