2016 Fluid Power Webinar Series

Let me tell you about the Fluid Power World Webinar series.  We have six planned editorial webinars directed to the fluid power user audience including both OEM design engineers and aftermarket specialists.

Here is the lineup:

February 16:  Understanding hydraulic pump designs

April 16:  Proper hose assembly guidelines

June 16:  Considerations for pneumatic valve selection

August 16:  Seals for fluid power applications

October 16:  Dealing with contamination sources

December 16:  Solutions for particle contamination

These presentations, as I mentioned, are editorial webinars to be presented by our experts, Josh Cosford and Carl Dyke.  They are editorial as we will gather and present the content to our audience. If your company sells components related to any of these topics, please consider sponsoring a webinar.

Your sponsorship will include promotion of your company and products during the webinar as well as in the e-mail invitations that we send out to our audience.  If you would like more information on that, please contact me.

If you and other technical people at your company would like to attend one of these webinars, they are free, just send me your contact information and we will include you on the invitations.

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