Making Connections

I have re-listened to a CD program from motivation and etiquette expert Shawana Schuh and having done so, remembered so many things that I learned the first time and when I attended one of her seminars. The title of this program is Connecting in a Disconnected World.

She gives so much great advice in this session that it is very difficult to summarize even the most important parts. However, one theme keeps recurring with regard to making connections and that is "make it about them, not yourself." Whether you are connecting with customers or connecting with friends, it is alway more connecting to focus on other and not yourself.

Putting the focus on other involves all communication that you do both verbal and non-verbal. If you always place others first, you will be a desired communication partner. If you make it about them, you both win.

There are two very big upcoming events that will help all of the participants make connections.  One is the NAHAD Annual Convention being held in Colorado Springs

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