Our e-newsletters have improved for our audience

As you may know, Fluid Power World publishes four and soon five e-newsletters every month including Fluid Power Direct, Pneumatic Tips, Mobile Hydraulic Tips, and Hose Assembly Tips.  Soon we will offer Sealing & Contamination Control Tips.

We have improved the content of our e-newsletters simply by increasing the content that we use on the right-hand side.  Even though our e-newsletters are nearly always sold out because of the number of ads now running, we resist temptation now to place ads on the right-hand side. 

Instead, we use information submitted for our magazine and websites and directly for publication in our e-newsletters.  Having said that, let me assure you that the content from our advertising is excellent also.  We have very informative product information in every ad.  With our change in format though, we are now able to offer longer articles on the right-hand side of our e-newsletters.

I believe that this new format actually improves the value to our advertisers because the reader is now offered more in-depth content to go along with the ads seen in our e-newsletters.  If your company has editorial content that will fit into any of our monthly e-newsletters please submit that to me at mference@wtwhmedia.com

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