Best IFPE Ever

Last week, I attended my tenth IFPE Show out of the eleven that have taken place.  My simple takeaway ... this was the best one ever.

As in the past, IFPE 2017 took place at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center and was held in conjunction with the ConExpo/ConAgg Show, an overwhelmingly large event itself.  The IFPE was staged on the second floor of the very nice and very large South Hall with hundreds of great exhibits.

Why was this the best ever ... at least from my prospective?  Well, I had a tremendous opportunity to meet with many existing advertising customers while meeting many new prospective customers as well.  There was a wide array of mostly hydraulic technology on display at the event and many educational opportunities available to all attendees.

I had the opportunity to spend time with many of our customers and attend one amazing hospitality party given by one of them.  This event offers many networking opportunities.

Additionally, Las Vegas is a great place to hold such a large show because of their capacity to do so both in terms of exhibit space as well as accommodations.

Our group mostly stayed at Paris Las Vegas which was both convenient and comfortable.  The monorail system in Las Vegas is a great way to move large numbers of people into and out of the Convention Center.  However, there were some delays due to the immense crowds.  The monorail connects directly with Paris.

Another aspect of IFPE 2017 that made it great for me was the fantastic team that I work with.  I thank our editors Paul, Mary, and Ken for their coverage of as many exhibitors as possible.  Thanks also to Jen, Marshall, Garrett, Mike, Derek, Brad, and Tom for their excellent efforts at the event.  Our Social Media Manager, Josh, attended his first IFPE and go to meet and hold discussions with many of our advertisers at the show.  This was a great opportunity for him to get a crash course in fluid power.

All in all, the best IFPE ever!

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