Every Issue Matters

When our team of editors plans our Editorial Calendar for Fluid Power World for the coming year, several factors are considered.  The most important factor is aways our readers' interest.  We always strive to produce content that will be both informative and interesting to our readers.

We start with a basic outline of topics that will include mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, and industrial hydraulics.  We add to that a specific product spotlight every month.  In our September issue, for example, we feature mobile hydraulics in our planned feature, Reservoir Design For Mobile Systems.  Although this article will attempt to explain the function and importance of reservoirs, is should appeal to all mobile equipment designers and users.

Our Industrial feature for September will be Bulk Handling Applications.  Again, while the article will focus on a particular type of industrial application, it should attract the attention of all in-plant hydraulic and pneumatic designers and users.

Our Pneumatic feature will be more basic as it is titled Pneumatic Design 101.  This leaves our writers and editors open to capture and deliver content that is tutorial in nature and interesting to all pneumatic designers and users.

Our Product Focus for September will be Hydraulic Hose, Fittings and this is a very major product category for fluid power designers, maintainers, and users.  We will only focus on part to the technology but the subject is very broad and will attract the attention of all system designers and maintainers.  

All of this content will get posted to our websites, particularly Fluid Power World where all of our content gets syndicated.

If you are a subscriber to our magazine already, thanks for reading.  If you would like to subscribe, please visit our website for details.

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