Have a Great Weekend!

Labor Day is a celebration for all present and past working people.  Whether you are fully engaged in the workforce or retired, this weekend is for you.  As the host of the Cleveland Air Show stated for many years that I attended the event, "You work hard all year long and you deserve to treat yourself this weekend, so relax and enjoy!"

That is my advice to all of you.  Even though it is tempting to keep up with e-mails and voice mails, turn off the work phone this weekend and recharge it.  While you are doing that, recharge yourself as well with three full days off of work!

For those individuals who must work on Labor Day like our safety forces, medical personnel, and other providers of vital necessities, thank you for your service this weekend!

Next week is a kind of new year, so to speak, with the final stretch of 2017 in full swing, pre-holiday season, kids back to school, and heading into Fall.  Make the most of this weekend!

I hope to continue blogging next Tuesday.  In the mean time, I hope to celebrate another year of gainful employment in the workforce.

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