Content is still king

In my early years in the publishing business, knowing the importance of the content of your magazine was key to success.  The reason that magazines were created in the last century was that audiences wanted the content found in those magazines.

The same is true today but the content is delivered over so many platforms.  Most magazines today deliver their content in print, online, and through e-newsletters; even the newspapers do it that way.  While the delivery methods continue to evolve, the content remains the focus.

I have been reading a very interesting book titled Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi.  In this book, Joe emphasizes the importance of content to an audience and to the providers of the content.  Whether the content is consumed in print or digitally, it still holds the same importance.  Readers will shy away from non-intereting content.

In the fluid power industry, makers of components have more than one kind of interesting content.  They have product knowledge that they share with customers and prospects so that they understand how things work.  They also have application content that explains how their products actually did work in a system.  Both are interesting and important to furthering the knowledge of fluid power.

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